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  1. BuildingDesigner

    X10 New Stucco Catalogue

    Thanks very much for your comments. Got it.
  2. BuildingDesigner

    X10 New Stucco Catalogue

    I just tried it again. I can change the colour but it makes the wall just a solid colour without any texture. It appears to me that the stucco files are "images" or Jpegs so you can't adjust the colour and maintain the texture. I guess I'll go back to the way I did it before - use a concrete wall with lots of texture and adjust from there. Too bad. I thought we might finally have gotten something for stucco that was useable. Maybe I'm missing something? Anyone from Chief Library Department?
  3. BuildingDesigner

    X10 New Stucco Catalogue

    I just went to put some stucco on a new house and see that they have significantly expanded the Stucco portion. However when I went to adjust the colour (Blend with texture) I couldn't. The box was greyed out. Anyone else experience this?
  4. BuildingDesigner

    Windows 10 and Windows 7 on computer

    I know that I can't go backwards with older versions of Chief but I'm looking at getting a desktop computer in my overseas office instead of hauling my laptop back and forth. I'm wondering if I use Chief X9 but in Windows 10 can I open it/work on it when I get back home in Chief X9 but where I use Windows 7?
  5. BuildingDesigner

    Colour Elevations issue when updating

    Did a search but didn't find anything. When I've sent elevations in colour to my layout pages and then update my plans later on and relink my elevations and try to update it doesn't completely update them. I get some parts of the elevations that aren't in colour. Window changes don't come in correctly, ... Has been going on since we could send the colour elevations to layout pages to scale. Wondering if it is just mine or just another Chief issue we have to work around.
  6. BuildingDesigner

    People Images - 1St Batch

    Weird. They import just fine into my laptop but when I try to import them into my desktop they don't work. Alaskan_Son - 3D People Content (is that better?)
  7. BuildingDesigner

    People Images - 1St Batch

    Thanks Joe. Wish Chief would put some 3D images in their system.
  8. BuildingDesigner

    Programmable Mouse

    Thanks Kelly, very useful. Will pick one up. I hadn't realized there was 3 mode settings on the mouse.
  9. BuildingDesigner

    Programmable Mouse

    Thanks guys. I'll have a look at the G600.
  10. BuildingDesigner

    Programmable Mouse

    I have an older Logitech Programmable Mouse that I use all the time. Wireless connection with a few programmable buttons. Uses a regular AA battery. Was looking at upgrading today and what I could fined had rechargeable batteries that only lasted about 12 hours. My current mouse lasts for weeks without having to replace plus no docking station required. Suggestions?
  11. BuildingDesigner

    FYI - 3D Symbol Texture Issued solved

    Made a "Symbol" of a Carriage House with horizontal siding on it. Kept creating it looking more like stucco. Everything else was good. Called Tech Support - Taylor looked into it. Turns out if you click on the "Global Symbol Mapping" box under "Texture" it solves the problem. Don't know why but it solved the problem. Thank you Taylor.
  12. BuildingDesigner

    Recessed Crawlspace Slab

    Is it possible to show the Crawlspace Floor below the top of the footing? I've tried and it keeps lowering my footings automatically. I've done a work around by drawing the slab manually but wanting to know if it is possible to do it using the software settings. Not a big deal as it is a one off issue.
  13. BuildingDesigner

    X7 Inground Pool Symbols

    Thanks for sharing.
  14. BuildingDesigner

    Library Browser Missing

    Just back from my winter break and mine was missing too. Did the "reset" and it worked. If you think it didn't work at first, remember that you have to reopen the program for it to take affect.
  15. BuildingDesigner

    Latest Update Issue

    Just wanted to see if it was just me. Tech Support was trying to tell me the updates had nothing to do with it! Anyone lose any images from the libraries too?