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  1. This is almost the case. I wont know the scale I want the plans at until I have the design complete and put it on a layout. Or I have to change the scale because it ends up being too crowded or whatever the case may be.
  2. I know that CA's default scale is 1/4"=1'-0", but that scale isn't always optimal for smaller projects so I've had to create different default sets on the fly to accommodate. This gets quite tedious especially when my partner doesn't create a set for something specific and then I have to go through all the drawings and fix text, arrows, etc. I've done some extensive searching and haven't found anything that fits the bill, so I've went through and created a default set for a few different scale's to test. This is currently working for what I wanted to achieve but I'm wondering if there is a better way to accomplish that might be easier.
  3. I'm sorry about that! NDS
  4. I've rebuilt the foundation several times trying to fix this issue. NDS Plan.layout
  5. How do I go about editing this garage stem wall width so it's as wide as the sill plate? I have the sill plate width set in the foundation defaults.
  6. I'm trying to manually change this switch to a 3 way but the symbol is not updating. Is there a way to connect electrical components from one floor to another? For instance I have a light switch at both the top and bottom of the stairs.
  7. I forgot to turn notifications on for my post. Thank everyone for info on how to accomplish this.
  8. I'm trying to get accustom to using automatic roofs instead of doing them manually every time. I need a shed roof over the front porch and adjust the pitch so it lands a little over midway as shown below. How do I accomplish this? Thanks! New Construction.plan
  9. Is it possible to enable or disable "include in schedule" with a button? How about enable or disable "suppress label" I've done some searching but so far I haven't found anything.
  10. Newer versions of AutoCAD have this built in.
  11. Uncheck the display option in the layers panel or layer display options.
  12. Now that you've asked, I am a little interested in trying. I'm not in front of my PC with CA, but I'm sure you can export to dwg which will create an AutoCAD file with nothing but 3d solids. From there I would remove any areas that you wont be able to see, unneeded, etc. At this point you could scale your model down to fit your print bed or do it when you slice it (I think it'd be easier to do in AutoCAD). Next use the command "3D PRINT" to make the stl file. Import the stl into your slicing program and check for problem areas.
  13. I've been pulling my hair out for a while trying to figure it out. Thank you!
  14. I've encounted an issue and I can't figure out how to fix it. I added a covered deck to this small building. When I automatically built the roof, it added this bump out for some reason. I can fix the roof line itself no problem, but I cannot figure out how to adjust the wall so it doesnt do this. This happens on both sides of the porch. Also I need to add pier and beam foundation under the building. Does anyone know of a tutorial for this? Thanks, Jonathan 5951 N Commerce St Existing.plan