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  1. I did everything and thanks, the only thing that did not happen was the flat seat at the truss bottom after rebuild.
  2. I got everythiing else to work. But I still do not understand why the wall and ceiling will not connect. I checked the wall hieght and says the same for both. Can anyone explain.I am not looking for someone to do it, just help. Thanks so much
  3. NewZip herschy.zipSo i think i fixed it, thanks. But I cannot get the siccor truss to be a energy heel can you help?
  4. I zipped it. Hirschy fl plan 02.13.23 stick build-Final -
  5. Why does my ridge change size as it goes toward the overframing?
  6. how to change a landing into a deck for chief architect so i see planks and open below.
  7. I opened the interior floor and the section of rail was released and I could delete. I have no idea but all resolved . Maybe a glitch but invisible rail worked. Thanks
  8. Looked like it would work but then the small section of rail froze inside the bay window.. Yikes. The invisable rail is there.
  9. It was done with an auto bay window.
  10. I cannot figure out why the railing keeps snapping to the inside. Any ideas of why?
  11. I want to frame the addition roof on top of the existing . Ho do I do this so I see it in the framing of the roof? fl plan 11.28.22 option 2 A - over frame.pdf
  12. So I asked if there is there 900 series aluminum railings for chief architect. I was sure that that is what I wanted. Those are a type like other things. Sorry for the confussion. All the best I created my own as suggested.
  13. Is there 900 series aluminum railings for chief architect