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  1. sorry for the late response somhow the joist was pasted in the wrong layer,
  2. My deck planck dissapear after aouto regenerat, Why?
  3. I am sorry for not responding sooner. I tried that but it is saying framing already. The other is positioned on the foundation level.
  4. How do I move a few 2x10 decking joists to another layer ? I do not know how they are on the wrong layer.
  5. So I cannot reset the plan that I am in currently?
  6. How do I get 2x10 decking joists to be automatic when building decks?
  7. I removed the flooring in the room all set, thanks all.
  8. I fixed everything except the double deck boards Thanks all for the help Can anyone help with the double deckboards? Is it room hieght after I lowered for step out to deck?
  9. I did find something but not sure how to fixit. The return nwidth is greater on the porch side.
  10. I have a double layer of deck boards and gap in full return. Can anyone help explain of a fix?
  11. do you think i can add newel post 96" on corners?
  12. I am an extreme beginner.