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  1. I am trying to do 2x4 turned on edge toilet partition dividers and 72" ht (including door that is 12" off floor w. opening below) Can anyone help. I cannot seem to get it to work that way. Metal Grading Pony walls issues 11.02.2023.pdf Metal Grading.plan
  2. thanks for your help. I will see if this works.
  3. Is it possible to have a cricket on each side of this 21 ft out new gable covered porch? Floor Plan -.plan
  4. Thanks stephone. Proably easiest way.
  5. I need Storage room 3 raised 17 in. above rest of existing building.Outside stays the same. Can anyone help. Chief x9 Windows 10 Newell Cheatheam 281.392.3034 Peterek.Bala Da Platt Development.plan