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  1. Designer Review of Client- (dailytreck) Hello, Christian, Out of 100 custom home plans I designed in the past, with along with many builders, homeowner's and architects, that are very happy with my work; and we could have discussed this and as you know I am not hard to work with! I am sorry you do not understand the customary practice of designing custom home plans, and in reply to your comments I feel that was not all true! You know I went way over and beyond to help you with all your changes, revisions and your end cost was way beyond fair! Your custom home plans have no issues for permitting and hope you enjoy your new home when you built. I would still like to see a pictures of your custom home when its finished. As for me with Chief Architect: I have been with Chief Architect since version X2 up to X14 (13 years) and met many of the developers, the owner of the company, tech support and they are wonderful people to work with. We do occasionally run into bugs, with the software, and they have a great team that fixes them though the year with updates. Yes, occasionally you occasionally have work arounds and minor issues. Per my 25 years of construction in the filed and working with Chief for 13 years, I feel I am way qualified to design plans. Below is a picture of another home design I did with Chief Architect, along with many others and referrals available. My one of my other custom homes was used on Chief Architect X9 box cover. The home is shown above! Annette Sokoll Senior Designer Cell:248-891-3955 Email: User Group Instructor Custom home plans Training Renderings & Animation Beta Tester Chief Architect X2 up to X14
  2. Feel free to give me a call I am located in Michigan. Annette Sokoll User Group Instructor 248-891-3955
  3. Hello Chief Users, Are you struggling with your plans or need help with training? I can help you with all your construction needs for design and blueprints. Online Training. Construction experience of over 30 years. Design experience 25 years. Field experience in residential construction. Master with roof designs and plan layout. Our work has been aired on the Mark & Mandy Show ( Lifestyles by Barons) We also 3D Virtual Architectural videos (take your home designs and put it into 3D Virtual ) See sample video below. References available upon request. One of my home designs was published in x9 drawn in Chief and built in reality. (See pamphlet below). We also do finished photo renderings sample of homes below. I design all over the USA. For more information email me at or call 248-891-3955 Annette Sokoll Senior Designer User Group Instructor x2-x12 Atlanta, Michigan Classic_Designs_Custom_Home_Plans_.mp4
  4. Hello My name is Annette Sokoll and I have been using Chief Architect for over 13 years (X2-x14). I have over 25 years of field experience, and 20 years of design experience. I can help you with all your construction needs such as: new construction, additions, remodels, 3d Animation and Training. My Highlights: · My work was aired on the Mark and Mandy Tv show · Won awards for our designs · One of my custom home designs was published on Chief Architect brooches of X9. My services are: · On line training · Take your plans from conception to completion · Master with roofs · Master with laying out your plans · Help chief users who are struggling. · Professional Renderings · Professional 3D animation · Reasonably prices Feel fee to email me or call me with your questions, Annette Sokoll Classic Designs LLC Cell: 248-891-3955 Email: Trainer Beta Tester User Group instructor This home I modeled in Chief Architect x9 and was built in reality. ( this was published on the Box Cover X9). Classic_Designs_Custom_Home_Plans_.mp4
  5. Feel free to contact me if you need any help! Annette Sokoll User Group Instruction x2-x11 Classic Designs LLC 248-891-3955
  6. If you still need help feel free to contact me. I have construction background and have been using chief since Ver. 2 Annette Sokoll Senior Group Instructor Chief Architect x2-x11 Classic Designs LLC 248-891-3955
  7. I can help you feel free to give me a call, Annette Sokolll Classic Designs LLC 248-891-3955 248-891-3955
  8. Is there anyone in Michigan who can use help with Chief Architect or need help with their plans feel free to contact me. User Group Instructor x2-11x Senior Designer Annette Sokoll Classic Designs LLC 248-891-32955