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  1. you can design it that way but I think it might create problems building the stairs ( post anchor location and 6" requirement from tread...). There is a video on YouTube that explained it. I'll look for it.
  2. Francois

    Library Browser "Senior moment"

    It happen to me before. Here is a link to my rescue
  3. Francois

    Monitor question

    I have HP Spectre360 with Intel 620 chip. It runs two external monitors; one 24in 1080 and one 27in 4k with no problem.
  4. Francois

    Dimension lines

    Thanks Rene. I have loaded the file Cab Extruded Handle Piano.plan Cab Extruded Handle Piano.plan
  5. Francois

    Dimension lines

    I was working on a CAD detail in metric and that happened. How did I get these dimension lines and how to get rid of them? I tried and played with Preferences and Defaults for no results. Cab Extruded Handle
  6. Francois

    Independant Cabinet

    Thank you Mark and David.
  7. Francois

    Independant Cabinet

    I want 2" space between the cabinet and the wall. It wants to grab wall. How do I win?
  8. I hope your T24 complied with a large margin because the new one will be reduced by a lot considering an electric water heater. I would favor a house without gas.
  9. Francois

    Stairs - Risers and Treads

    I use that on exterior steps for a deck where I can expand the length of the steps. Low risers but longer threads make it easier to climb: 6R15T/6R
  10. Francois

    Stairs - Risers and Treads

    I also use a thumb rule that is "2 risers + 1 thread =~ 27"" when risers are low or threads are deep. Great for decks or walkway steps
  11. Francois

    roof framing

    Solver, sorry for this late reply but thank you for your help on the framing issue I had.
  12. Francois

    roof framing

    Here is the file. I will appreciate any comment related to that design too I have tried to keep the original element of the building but i think there is a problem with the front roof line.
  13. Francois

    roof framing

    Any reason roof rafters would not frame?
  14. Francois

    Windows headers

    Thanks solver and Joey. Its time to upgrade to X11 but I want to upgrade the computer too.