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  1. Chopsaw, this is what I get when I select a room.
  2. Take two!
  3. I downloaded 7-Zip and was surprised it was only 2kb size. I'll do it again. Thanks for checking it.
  4. Manisha01-Plan-Side_Entry00-Ca-Copy.plan Here is the zip
  5. Even when selecting exterior room, the whole building is selected. At your suggestion I checked for something above the building with no results. I'll post the plan.
  6. I have not yet applied Perry and Copsaw's suggestion. I will give it a try though in a few mn
  7. I used to select one single room and that room would be highlighted. Now with the same selection the whole building is highlighted. Then I can select that room with one Tab click. Extra step but unusal.
  8. Suddenly selecting one room highlights the whole floor plan including the foundation. Pressing Tab will select the chosen room. I never had that before. How do I get back to "normal"?
  9. The reduction factor will affect the design on the layout but not the size of the page which can be change in Paper Source in the Print dialog.
  10. I'm about to upgrade my computer. Will X13 require a hardware upgrade for max performance?
  11. I have been called for that type of endings in bay area California for disconnect in hand rail !!!
  12. I was told by a tech lady from CA that there is a recommendation for graphics card on their website regarding ray tracing. You might check it out.
  13. I have imported a 3D DXF file from a Disto lase tape I can read all data points in 2D only and placed the walls but how do I get the vertical plane so I control the heiht of room, window andoors? I do not have Autocad I have attached the plan along with the 2D and 3D files that the Disto produced. Thanks 2DG_20200908_071825.dxf 2DW_20200908_071825.dxf 3D_20200908_071825.dxf Disto CA Test 01.plan
  14. Have you checked ""? they have it on sale. I'll buy a (different) unit from them for they return policy and their support