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  1. Thanks for the info......I think I will get a new system. I'm looking at an IMAC 27 4.0ghz processor 32 gb RAM, 3TB hard drive, 4gb VRAM video card...hope this will work better.

    Thanks, Buddy

  2. 70buddy

    Annotation Sets - Wendy's oob mods and instructions

    Thanks so much Wendy....very helpful....
  3. 70buddy

    Layout Templates

    I guess...I'm not sure...anno sets maybe what I'm looking for. I'm new to X7 just got in July 2015
  4. 70buddy

    Layout Templates

    Sorry, no sarcasm intended.....The best way to learn a program is to do it yourself, but I guess I'm just looking for a starting point on where to begin....No sarcasm intended...thanks for the advice.
  5. 70buddy

    Layout Templates

    Wow, thanks for that.... I know it will help me to learn the program better. Thanks
  6. 70buddy

    Layout Templates

    Thanks Dave, I have seen these.
  7. 70buddy

    Layout Templates

    Hey guys, I am looking into setting up layout template pages to make it easier for later projects. Wanting to know if anyone has a set for me to look at for reference or to use. I know this is a lot of work to setup, but in the long run it will be easier down the road. I'm using X7. Appreciate your help. Thanks Buddy
  8. 70buddy

    how do I create my own layout page template

    Thanks Mick, yes I am new to Chief X7.
  9. Looking for help to create my own custom layout pages. I'm using X7. Thanks in advance.
  10. I maybe interested in help you. I do use X7. Let me know
  11. 70buddy

    Dallas User Group

    Hello everyone! Just wondering if I could be part of your group. I just purchased X7 after using Home Design Professional for several years and want to learn the software better. I am part of the Houston area group but always looking to learn more from whoever will show me. The Houston group have a once month Go to Meeting on the first Monday of every month, was wondering if you guys have something similar. Looking forward to talking to you guys. Thanks Buddy
  12. 70buddy

    Houston User Group Meeting

    Hi Tommy, I'm fairly new to Chief, however I did purchase Home Design Professional about a year ago and have been using it some. I'm wanting to find a local group to help me to learn more since I am thinking about purchase X6. Can you help? Thanks Buddy