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  1. Really? If you are taking the time to provide quantities then it is not all that hard to gain a basic understanding of how to calculate that which you are providing..... either that or don't provide it....
  2. We are finding the simplest way is to do a zoom call and share the screen. I can then walk through the model on my computer one on one with the clients....
  3. Why? You place yourself in the same position as my client of being ripped off because someone doesn't know/understand how to do a quick calc?
  4. My pic is from Amsterdam. There are large complexes like this (eg Keetwonen) there for student housing, public housing..... offices and residential in the UK, residential in the US....
  5. It's a simple calc to do manually..... carpet is sold/quoted by the sq ft but in reality it is costed as a broadloom ie width of the carpet.... This is why sq ft is generally useless to calculate carpet quantities. Carpet is usually 12ft wide (3.66m).... and the stairs are usually 4ft wide or less (except for winders but I will come back to that)... so... because 12 (ft) can be divided by 4 (ft) 3 times, to find the amount of broadloom we want we take the total length of all the steps and divide it by (in this case) 3 to get 3 equal strips. We are using a 1
  6. There are a number of good videos within the site that I would recommend you have a look at. Enabled me to figure out contour lines and resolve 'jaggies'..... Here is one... Cheers
  7. We built a 4 bedroom / 3 bathroom luxury home from existing hicube containers but instead of simply placing the containers on site and building the house around/modifying them, we worked through the practical, engineering and compliance issues to ensure they remained transportable. Was a big undertaking and enormously expensive. Would I ever recommend it to anyone? No.... but it does have its place....
  8. Hi All I'm drawing a cabinet for a panel ready fridge and freezer that are a side by side unit, with upper cupboards above them that I want to align vertically, ie I want the cupboard doors to align with the panels of the fridge freezer. The uppers are frame less with the doors being overlays. I have also placed cabinet partitions beside the fridge/freezer on either side. My dilemma is this.... In plan view, the partitions and uppers are the same depth and align, however the overlaid doors don't show at all. This means that the cabinetry made to
  9. I agree with some of the above.... send it as plot lines with no color, then create a cad of the roof outline you want, open the cad object and apply a fill with desired transparency and same line color as the cad outline.....
  10. I've just created a layer set with my preferences that I wanted and then used the CAD line and symbols as I need them. Haven't got around to dimensioning yet as 'the changes they keep em coming' but you can see the intent.... works for me....
  11. I still say it's lighting. Something is not right, and it's possibly in your standard view. Check the room classification you've selected, rendering technique options for 3D are at default, whether you've got use backdrop selected and see what happens. Also what is the actual floor brick you're using/can you screenshot the floor plan layout at this area showing all lighting.
  12. I think your issue is lighting.... or a lack of it....try placing a few lights in there.... As PBR reflects real time lighting conditions, I think you actually have a big shadow in the area (see the opening to the left as a hint)....and the program needs light sources over such a large covered al fresco to create the right colours... Just a thought...