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  1. When you click on the Gear icon, do the items in the list have checkmarks? You can also go into Preferences, Reset Options and click Reset Side Windows and that should reset the Library Browser layout.
  2. Please send the plan with details on which room is the problem to our Technical Support staff. An issue like this could very well be plan specific so having the plan would help us track down a fix. Thank you!
  3. In X14, if you are crashing using the CPU Ray Trace on an M1 machine, you can right click on Chief Architect Premier X14 in Finder under Applications and select Get Info. A window will pop and there should be a checkbox that says "Open using Rosetta". Check that checkbox and that should allow you to use CPU Ray Trace.
  4. Hey Lane, Could you send our tech support team a copy of the template plan you were working on? I tried the steps you mentioned in your first post and was unable to reproduce the issue. Are you still able to reproduce or was it a one time occurrence? It would be helpful to know if it is plan specific or if you can get it with any plan. Thanks!
  5. What type of device are you connecting the Disto to? What OS version is on that device?
  6. Thank you for that information. Have they tried another browser like Chrome? If it doesn't work on another browser the only other possible causes are firewall or virus protection or spotty internet connection.
  7. What do you mean by not able to view the model? When they click on the link and click Load Model, do they get an error message? Or is the screen just blank or just a chief logo cube? I am able to view the model in Safari, but I am on an iMac not a MacBook Pro.
  8. What device are you running 3D Viewer on? When you exported the model from Chief, do you remember what the surface count and texture size values were? Here is an article about how to optimize your chief plan so it can be opened in 3D Viewer if you are running into memory issues:
  9. David, We are currently working on an update that will give us support for the GLM 50c.
  10. What do you mean "not working"? Can you not access the site at all? Can't log-in? Can't post? What browser are you trying to use? I am using Safari on El Capitan and it appears to be working just fine.
  11. The 12" iPad Pro will be more than enough. It has 4 GB of RAM. We have one in the office and 3D Viewer works great on it.
  12. Richard, Thank you for your comment. 2GB of RAM is recommended. You will find devices with 1GB of RAM will work, but you may run into issues opening large plans, especially when switching to HD mode.
  13. This message isn't about how much hard drive space is on your device. This is message is about the memory (RAM) being used by the device. The iPhone 6 Plus has only 1 GB of RAM so large plans may have difficulty running. Try shutting down other apps on your phone and turning off Layers before exporting the plan from Chief.
  14. Brian, What shape are you trying to use? From what I'm seeing some shapes will rotate at the angle and others won't. Triangle, Square, Diamond, Pentagon, Hexagon and Octagon, will all rotate, but not the others.