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  1. TennVol

    Create custom entry door?

    I was able to come up with something similar going off Eric's video. Thank you guys so much for the help. Didn't know about the painted door trick I'm going to have to keep that in mind. Thanks again.
  2. TennVol

    Create custom entry door?

    Thanks Eric, I'll check it out.
  3. TennVol

    Create custom entry door?

    Is there a way to create a custom entry door? Client wants a DSA Briarcliff style door and I can't really find anything close in the doors available in the library or mfr. downloads.
  4. TennVol

    Deck post corner bracing

    Is there a way to automatically generate 45 degree deck post corner braces up along the intersection with the roof support beam that is automatically generated with the post to beam selection? Looked some in the forum and didn't find anything. 3 floors of decks to do. I can manually do the pline solids and copy everywhere, but thought there might be some pick in the DB's that will do it. Thanks
  5. Had a glitch yesterday and message came up suggesting not to save plan as it could be corrupted if so. Didn't save and got out of Chief. Fortunately, I had just recently saved. Started it back up and found the perspective full overview camera now shows the same as the ortho full overview camera. Re-booted and it did the same thing. Kept on working with it, as I'm under the gun to get something out. As a check, I opened another plan and the perspective overview seems to work, so it must be just this plan after that error message. Any idea on a fix? Couple things I'd like to show in the set with the higher res / detail. Thanks.
  6. TennVol

    Set Mfr cabinet catalog as default?

    Thanks all. Mark - the good news is the the client's wife works at Lowes and knows the cab's and finish she wants, so I went through the library and set up a few to match. Made life a lot easier once I got that info.
  7. TennVol

    Existing barn to residence

    This is in Sevier County, they are pretty reasonable, not like some major cities I've worked with. I assumed because I knew it, you all would too :-) but he wants to convert it to a residential structure. Barndominium is a pretty good way to put it. Barn is about 10 years old and I've already let him know a structural engineer's evaluation will be a need on the front end. Mike, your thoughts on it not being much cheaper (if at all) were my first reaction when he contacted me. We'll see how it plays out. Thanks for the thoughts and suggestions.
  8. TennVol

    Set Mfr cabinet catalog as default?

    Thanks Kbird, that's what I was afraid of, but thought I'd ask. B plan is I'll just place one of each type and copy as needed.
  9. TennVol

    Set Mfr cabinet catalog as default?

    Yes, shortcut to default settings. Had looked in there and it appears there would be several things to set via the library buttons. I could do that, but was wanting to know if there is an overall setting to point to the mfr catalog to just fill all those selections in based on the catalog's content.
  10. TennVol

    Existing barn to residence

    Have a potential client who has purchased a property with an existing 30x30 barn. Some pics below. There is an existing block footing, so a slab with appropriate vapor barrier can be poured inside. Going to need to frame out the stud bays and provide insulation/vapor barrier, etc. Has anybody done a plan for something like this and has some wisdom to share? Thanks
  11. Have a client wanting to use Kraftmaid cabinets throughout and trying to figure out a simple way to make them the default for that drawing. Spent some time searching the forum but nothing seems to address this. I'm sure I missed it somewhere... Thanks.
  12. TennVol

    X12 New Features are listed Here

    Any idea if X12 will require more in the way of hardware (especially video) than what X11 needs? Got stuck upgrading my PC last year to get 11 to run. Hoping my current setup listed below will be adequate. I rolled the dice and paid for the upgrade. Here's hoping...
  13. TennVol

    Can't edit floor structure

    Yep, I go between my laptop screen and a 27-inch monitor. Undoubtedly that's when the dialog box shrunk enough to cause the scrollbar. Probably saved drawing that way and it stayed that way. Thanks.
  14. TennVol

    Can't edit floor structure

    See my previous post...
  15. TennVol

    Can't edit floor structure

    I feel like an idiot, scroll bar hid it. Too many late hours....