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  1. Hi Joe, how would I go about buying your macro set from ya?


  2. Holy BALLS!!!!!! What kinda sorcery is this??? LOL. Damn @Alaskan_Son I hate to admit that while I sent off my coordinates to be uploaded, I accidentally opened up a door to pandora's box of Macros. Very interesting! with a stupid rough learning curve I might add! I have purposely been avoiding this door for obvious reasons. I will probably reach out to you tomorrow. I would like to learn more!
  3. @Alaskan_Son k, huge relief! Wish I could Venmo you a nice cold IPA to help mend the fence . I'll be on my best behavior from here on out!
  4. Yikes! Signature is changed. This hadn't occurred to me, but your point is well noted. The last thing I want to do is waste your guys time, and @solver has bailed me out more than once. Did I downvote somebody somehow? If so I can assure you it was by accident. I truly appreciate this discussion group! Cheers,
  5. I might be getting somewhere????? lol. Wonder how I get the macros to change the point number. hmmmmm And Chopsaw, every once and a while when you end up with those difficult not flat lots, using a total station does a remarkable job getting your exact locations. When I did this several years ago, the foundation guy wanted 3' offsets on each corner so he could "square everything up". So instead of shooting 50 points, it turned into 150. and at the end of the day, the "actual" corners I shot turned out so good he didn't even use the offsets. Once you can get the coordinates in a CSV file, the place you rent the station from will upload them and you just need to shoot them. Cheers,
  6. Hey Chopsaw, Fortunately, I have a local outfit that I can rent a total station from. $100/day for the non-robotic, and $250/day for the robotic. The non-robotic is the one I have used in the past but it takes two people and a bit of time. But small investment to get super accurate corner locations. And good call on the macros
  7. Man!!!!! every time I think I'm getting good with this program I turn another corner and realize I don't know as much as I had hoped. Macros you say lol... All I really need to do is get the coordinates of these points into a CSV file. That being said, it wouldn't suck to have this little diagram with some labels as to which point is where. Any recommendations on which training video a guy might watch to get some basics on "semi" simple macros? And no, I am actually using x11 currently. Thanks for the response Michael
  8. And as an update, I have been successful in exporting my site plan into AutoCAD 2017. Then placing points on my building corners. Using the "data extraction" in AutoCAD I am able to convert the point coordinates into an Xls file. I think I will be able to re-sort the data into the ASCII format for the total station. Stay tuned ...
  9. Hey guys, Does anybody have any suggestions for importing point coordinates into a total station? Several years ago I had a program called Traverse PC in which I drew up a house outline and gave it a reference point and uploaded the info into a Nikon total station and staked out a 10,000 S.F. house. It worked super well, but I can't seem to find the software. So now I am looking for a simple way to put the point coordinates into an ASCII format to upload them. I created a layer set with just my CAD (from the surveyor) site plan, and located one of the property pins as X-0 Y-0, and started putting point markers on the corners of the building envelope, but the point markers don't seem to be showing up coordinates in the control e dialog box. I was thinking of just doing a very minimal layer set and exporting to CAD and then trying to find a way to export the point coordinate information to ASCII format to upload to the total station. Just thought I'd run it by you guys in case anybody has done anything similar. And I should probably add that I am not a licensed surveyor. I am building a house where the rear property pins are 30' down a steep embankment. I want to locate my building corners accurately so I can modify and redesign my foundation plan with steps to accommodate a daylight basement. Due to the elevation drop, we can't really stake this thing out even close to accurate. I will also add, that I have done this before and all of my 150 points were within a dime. Thanks in advance, Randy
  10. I was literally just fighting with the downstairs when you replied. What did you do? When I do it on my plan, They frame through the party wall. Did you change anything? Maybe I messed up my defaults??
  11. Hey Joey, I thought of this too, and I broke the interior walls and tried snapping them into place several times. It didn't work ;-/ By the way, that was an accidental picture upload, i can't see where to remove it.
  12. Hi Eric, I had tried this, and I just tried it again and no luck. I think I screwed something up. Grrrrrr. Duplex.plan
  13. So I'm about ready to take a bath with a toaster!! So I'm not quite sure where everything went wrong, Everything was going smooth, I copied my plan and reflected it upon the perfect line. Great copy, good dimensions. But then when I created my fire separation wall all my framing got screwed up. Ive been fighting with it for hours. I feel like I am missing something pretty basic. The problem is the party wall should be continuous and for some reason, all the stupid interior walls keep going through it. I have toggled just about everything I can think of, broke and remover every interior wall from the party wall, snapped and unsnapped walls . And I have scoured the internet and forums. Do any of you guys see what I am missing? Thanks in advance, Randy
  14. 10eighty

    Advice on multi story house

    Hey Eric, You always save the day ;-) So your approach would be to manually draw in foundation walls for the level 2 garage on level 1, and then remove the garage foundation from level 0?
  15. 10eighty

    Advice on multi story house

    Yes, technically the front of floor 1 is underground, and floor 2 (the main level) has the garage. But it seems by doing it this way nothing seems to connect floor 0 and floor 2 as far as the garage goes. I just raised the floor 0 elevation to meet the floor 2 garage. Sorry, I'm having a difficult time trying to explain my concern. Is this how you would handle this circumstance? In other words, Floor 0 to carry the garage foundation Floor 1 for the daylight part of the house no garage, and then Floor 2 for the garage. Sorry in advance lol