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  1. Adam, I did change that setting to 200 so all of the lights would be on. they for some reason will be on if I toggle the sun, but when the sun is on the lights are off.
  2. I have watched the video and read through the posts and cant find a way to keep the interior lights on while doing an exterior raytrace in X13. Had no problem in X10 with this. Help
  3. I have recently upgraded from X10 to X12 and now X13. I cant find a function that I used in previous versions. "Camera Tilt", very handy for perspective overall to straighten the image by setting tilt to "0". Does anyone know where this setting went to???
  4. Dermot, thank you that was helpful. When reopened the file the problem had gone away, but will use your solution if it reaccures.
  5. I just upgraded to X12. When I orbit in perspective view the roof texture disappears in places showing the plywood. See attached screen capture. Is there a display setting I have wrong or another adjustment I can make to stop this, just trying to save a few images in standard view as JPG.
  6. Thank you Gene for pointing me towards that project. I downloaded the file. Is the point that they drew all of the foundations on level 0, and then I guess used the elevation tool and moved them up to where they belong?
  7. I am working on a steep slope house where the foundation is on 3 different levels of the house. How can I create a foundation plan that has all three levels on one plan? Like an "ALL FLOORS ON"?
  8. A few weeks ago I posted about a large file size and how to see a list of the embedded files. As suggested I backed up the entire plan to a folder and was able to see the list. I have tried to locate the "Brick" and "Siding" files in the plan and can't. Is there a way to find where in a plan a particular texture or symbol is used?
  9. Thanks for all the responses, they were very helpful
  10. A client recently sent his plan drawn in X10 and its a 140 MB file and my computer struggles with it. Is there a way to see a list of the embedded files so I can perhaps see what's pushing up the plan file size?
  11. Thanks for the responses.
  12. See attached image of stairs. I am going to have 3" thick treads so they can span the 42" wide steps. How can I delete the center stringer? Also how can I edit the side stringer size? Would like to change it to a 4" thick piece of wood.
  13. If I import a PDF site plan or floor plan to trace over into my plan, then turn off imported file layer display when done, then go to print the layout to PDF I get a 20 Mb file which is awkward to email. If I delete the PDF site plan from the plan file and then print the layout I get a 2 Mb file. I prefer not to have to delete the imported file, I may need to go back to it. Am I missing something, is there a solution to this issue? I have also had this issue when I want to keep the imported file displayed during layout printing.