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  1. Good relevant article JLC Online Article PDF_ 0915b_JLC_CEV_L.pdf.pdf
  2. Yes this is new to X15 never had this issue previously
  3. I had that happen in X15 too Gene. Just like you said it was for no apparent reason. I never lost the room definition.
  4. I will sometimes plot out toilet drains and radon piping. Try these symbols if you care to. Piping.calibz
  6. How will you meet the requirements of R802.5.2 with this framing method.
  7. Hi Alan, If I am understanding you correctly I think I was able to do what you wanted. Alan.plan
  8. Finally I can say YES! The new grass feature is absolutely incredible. Nice job guys and gals at Chief Architect.
  9. Appreciate the hard work Mike, nice job!
  10. Hi Rob, can you extend the attic gable wall and roof out to meet that ridge?
  11. Thank you Mick and Brett. That will get it done!
  12. Does anyone have a symbol for a Bilco entry like this one?
  13. Change the blank area to a separation Rob