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  1. I would like to create a macro to insert into a room that would display the rooms volume, thermal envelope sq ft and r value and the window glazing sq ft. and u factor. Can this be done with a single label?
  2. Ken, I found this site, has cad drawings.
  3. Thank you Eric that helps me a lot. Bob
  4. How would I write a macro to give me the number of risers x the riser height for a flight of stairs? What I am attempting to do is give the total rise of the stair. The "next_height" macro command does not work because it references the subfloor height which adds 3/4" more than the actual total rise of the stairs. So what I want to do is multiply this, number = riser_height divisor = 1/16.to_f a = ((number/divisor).round*divisor).divmod(12) feet = a[0] inches = a[1].floor if a[1].modulo(1) == 0 fraction = "" else fraction = " #{a[1].modulo(1).rationalize}" end "#{feet}'-#{inches}#{fraction}\"".reverse.chomp("-'0").chomp(" 0").reverse.chomp("-0\"") By this, total_risers Thank you for any help with this, Bob
  5. When in X10 with no other programs open, if I go to download additional library content and choose to open a certain library file using the open command it does not install in X10. Instead it automatically opens Chief X9 and ends up not installing it anywhere. Any ideas? Thank you, Bob
  6. In X10 you need to go into (default settings), (walls), (foundation walls), (structure ), and check ( go through floor below) to prevent opening in foundation wall at floor level to show when stepping down foundation walls to follow grade on a sloping lot.
  7. In the attached example I am attempting to connect a stairway to a second floor that has a railing overlooking the first floor and get the railings to line up. If you look at the stair railing I can't line it up with the upstairs railing. I have set the newell offset in the stair settings but railing does not follow the newel offset I am having trouble understanding what good the newell offset does if the railing does not follow. I have a door under the stairway which will have a stairway to the basement so making the stairway narrower would not work. How would you handle this? Thanks for any suggestions, Bob Railing
  8. Thank you Eric, I never saw that post, Bob
  9. Please look at the attached picture and plan file and notice what is happening to my foundation in X10 when I step the foundation walls down like you would with a sloping lot. Would someone check to see if their results are the same? Thank you, Bob Example.plan
  10. Thank you for confirming Michael. I will send a report to tech support, Bob
  11. In previous versions when doing a remodel plan, I was always to put the existing framing on it's own layer and uncheck M to make it not appear in the material list. This function does not seem to be working the same in X10. When I do it to a particular framing member it still appears in the material list. Would someone please try this in X10 to see if they get the same results/ Thank you, Bob
  12. When using auto dormers in X9, I am having trouble with a small portion of the dormer wall that normally is cut by roof at bottom is showing inside near the ceiling as in attached plan. Anyone else having this issue with X9? I have never had any problems with auto dormers in X6 or X8. Thanks for any thoughts, Bob dormer.plan