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  1. Take a look at the wall framing training video that was just posted a few days ago!
  2. Michael's example gives me the top and bottom height of the wall. What I want is the length of the studs plus the plates. In the plan I am trying to annotate I have three different floor and ceiling levels on floor 1. I want to show the height of the framed walls in each area on the wall framing plan. When the top of the subfloor is at "0" elevation the %wall.top_elevation% macro works perfectly to show that but when the top of the subfloor is at say 24" I would need a way to subtract the %wall.bottom_elevation% from the %wall.top_elevation% to get the framed wall height I am thinking. Can anyone show me how to arrange a macro that would do that. Thanks for any help, Bob
  3. OK I will try, Thank you
  4. I want to be able to show the walls framed height such as 92 5/8" in the plan view and was wondering if a macro could do this
  5. Hi Michael, Thank you for answering but I need one to use in a floor plan. Am I missing something?
  6. I have installed this update and everything seems to be functioning correctly
  7. I need a macro that I can attach to a given wall with an arrow that will display the height of the wall. (not the elevation ) The existing macro for ceiling height will not work in this instance because the room has different height walls. Does anyone have a macro that they are willing to share or can somebody point me in the right direction for what I need please. Thanks, Bob
  8. Just a word of caution. When I upgraded to X13 I too thought that real time ray tracing was something I could do without but learned quickly that I could not even do a cross section or see library previews with the video card that I had. The only thing that would function was floor plans. No 3d views of any kind, perspective or orthographic. I would download the trial before upgrading to see if you have the same results.
  9. Maybe this will help Robert
  10. Hi Rich, Fasteners plus is where I have purchased Simpson products. When you do so online they are shipped from the closest Simpson warehouse. Luckily for me in many cases I receive the products the next day. There is a warehouse in Enfield CT, Bob
  11. Thank you all for the replies, I have not been able to follow up on this until now. I will attempt to contact Joe to purchase his macro