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  1. Would it be possible to write a macro that would show the number of full height (king) studs? If so would anyone be able to explain how to do that please. This would show compliance with R602.7.5 and I would hope to place it along with the header label.
  2. Robert could you resend that view as an image? Then you could rotate it
  3. Has anyone had any experience with CLX computers?
  4. Are you having any problems with Chief and windows 11 Greg and Rob?
  5. Maybe I am old fashioned and naive, but I just don't understand why they would not make me aware of this when I placed the order. There is no integrity in business anymore.
  6. I have had a new computer on order from Dell for two months now. They have twice not met their own shipping date projection because of a lack of the Nvidia RTX 3080. I am considering cancelling the order but I do not want to do so without alternate plan in place. I have owned X 13 since its release date but have yet to experience its magic because my current computer does not have the proper video card. Can anyone suggest another manufacturer that actually has human beings that you can talk to prior to ordering to find out if they actually have the components that are needed before you place the order. Thank you, Bob
  7. Alan, you can use invisible walls on floor 0 to define a "foundation" so that Chief will frame the floor platform for you. Forte will calculate commodity lumber for you, I use it often. You can set it to design to L/480 for a stiffer floor. The program will give you the allowed deflection versus the actual deflection. Hope this helps, Bob
  8. I believe you would just be able to use the transform/replicate function Diane
  9. Does anyone know where to find symbols of Bosch appliances?
  10. In the attached plan I cannot get the correct wall framing when using an open below condition. I have never noticed this problem before and I am wondering if other users can determine why this is happening or if it is possibly a bug. Please see the wall framing detail for the wall indicated on the floorplan. Chief is putting in a 1 1/2" long bottom plate section and not framing the wall intersection correctly where the open below condition is. Open below framing bug.plan
  11. Upcodes is online and free
  12. Thank you Robert and Mick, I will post it in suggestions, Bob
  13. To make it clearer, I want to be able to edit a material list after I export it without having to format the cells
  14. When I export a material list as an Excel spreadsheet it does not retain the cell formatting. All of the cells and column headings are there but the totals do not change if you change a quantity. Is this the intended behavior of this function or am I missing a step in the export process.
  15. I would like to have the exterior sheathing of an exterior wall extend to the top of the top plate where it belongs. If you put the sheathing as part of the main layer it creates problems with the platform framing. The soffit should only cut through the siding layer. Code would require that the sheathing be nailed to the top plate.
  16. Try the one linked in this thread Alan. It is working fine for my 500 and Windows 10. Bob
  17. Offering drafting and design services for that new home or addition. Also available for tutoring in Chief Architect or to finish a plan that you have started in Chief Architect or Home Designer Builders and developers welcome! Contact me at or by phone @ 860 883-2445 Roraback Drafting & Design Salem CT
  18. How do you change the font size in the title text when posting a new topic
  19. I am trying another way of modeling windows that is pretty effective at accurately showing extension jambs and giving much more control with how the sill behaves. If you do the window unit separately from the interior casing, sill, apron and extension jambs it really works well and allows you more freedom with adjusting where the sill ends up. I make them each up separately and fine tune the adjustments, then just put one on top of the other. The attached plan shows how. The two separate units are on one wall and the combined units on another. Check out the settings on each one to see how I did it. This might not be for everybody but I thought I would share. window sill fix.plan