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  1. Perfect Steve, Thank you again Steve, Eric, Michael and Joe, Good to have you guy's around!
  2. Hi Steve, I just got home from work and I am trying it now. Thank you for clearing this up for me!
  3. I am having trouble trying to stretch this symbol. It is a beam for a 14' post and beam structure. I want it to be able to be resized to any length without changing the position or size of the center mortise and dowel holes or the angle brace mortices on each end. I just want to stretch it at the points where it is just a square 6x6, Is this possible? Thanks for any help Beam symbol.plan
  4. We are adopting the 2018 codes in Connecticut in October of 2020
  5. Hi Mark, yes the framing is exposed to the interior. The exterior is covered with vertical ship lap pine. Once I work out the procedure I am going to start another thread about doing post and beam structures.
  6. Works perfectly! Thanks Michael. That will be a big help with what I am doing.
  7. Did you zip the file? Use back up entire plan command if you did not
  8. Create a polyline slab in plan view and then go to a cross section view and tilt that polyline slab to say 45 degrees. Now go back to plan view and move that polyline slab parallel to the direction of the tilt, notice that the solid has also changed its height relative to the angle of tilt. This will also happen if you use the point to point command to move the solid. If you move the solid using the transform/replicate dialog it will stay at the same height. The point to be made is that once you tilt a polyline solid, the only way you can move it and keep it's elevation the same is by using the transform/replicate dialog command. I have attached a plan file to demonstrate. Hopefully this will be of some use to somebody. Moving polyline solids in X12.plan
  9. The new ability to edit polyline solids in X12 has opened a whole new world in what can be modeled! Thank you Chief Architect.
  10. Michael, Great detective work, Thank you. I am going to modify those mortices and put a shoulder on the girts. I will follow up with you when done. Joe, I wanted to keep these editable because the company that I am doing prints for modifies their prints occasionally. I think for their stock plans that is a good suggestion, thank you
  11. Here is the better part of the framing done so that I can produce cut diagrams
  12. This is the cabin project that I am working on
  13. Hi Michael, The other problem that I found was with this post that I created. It was first created in X11 with no problems using polyline solids and the subtract command. It was a bit of work to make but it was done with the intention of being able to duplicate it around the building corners and using the reflect horizontally command to make it suitable for the other corners of the building or by simply turning it 90 degrees. That is where I noticed that when in X 12 you either try to copy it or duplicate it, it copies but stays stuck on the original post and cannot be moved. I will attach the plan file. Post to tech support.plan
  14. I have to leave to meet an engineer Michael but I will respond later today. Bob
  15. Hi Michael, yes, understood on the conversion to a solid. I stumbled upon this and a couple of other oddities while doing a post and beam plan. Thank you for the input, Bob Roraback
  16. I noticed today that if you create a polyline solid in plan view, it is fully editable in cross section view as it is supposed to be in X12. If you create a polyline solid while in cross section view, it is not editable when in plan view as I believe it should be in X12. Is anyone else getting this same result? I submitted it to tech support.
  17. Thank you for your efforts over the years David. You are a generous man!
  18. When using the sun angle to see how shadows will fall in a building. Does the altitude of a location affect the shadows? If so how would you compensate for this?
  19. I also got into the habit of using the tab key on any entry years ago. I remember Steve Blake teaching that in his classes so that behavior has been around for quite some time.
  20. Casey, The quick fix is to use the edit layout lines tool. It is the icon with the pencil on it. This is available in the layout view
  21. Understood. Thank you Glenn!
  22. The help manual states that in the default sets dialog you should be able to copy a default set by clicking the copy button. I do not see a copy button when I open the default sets dialog. Did this function get omitted by error? or is the help manual written incorrectly. From the manual, Creating Default Sets There are two ways to create a new Default Set: • Click either the New or the Copy button in the Default Sets dialog. • Click the Save Current Active Defaults button in the Active Defaults dialog.