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  1. Here is the explanation from the 2015 IRC commentary R602.7 NUMBER OF FULL LENGTH STUDS.pdf
  2. Yes Joe it worked for me. Just go into your layout template and in display options shut off the layout box labels. Any views you send to it from then on will not show the labels.
  3. Joe I believe that it is assigned in your layout template
  4. I would like to be able to automatically control the number of full length studs, (king studs) at the ends of headers in the same way as we now can control the number of trimmers, (jack studs). The 2015 IRC table 602.7.5 has new requirements regarding the amount of full length studs needed at each end of an opening. As an example a 16' garage door now requires 6 king studs at each side of the door opening. I have attached the IRC commentary regarding this change to this posting and the new code section is shown below. "R602.7.5 Supports for headers. Headers shall be supported on each end with one or more jack studs or with approved framing anchors in accordance with Table R602.7(1) or R602.7(2). The full-height stud adjacent to each end of the header shall be end nailed to each end of the header with four-16d nails (3.5 inches × 0.135 inches). The minimum number of full-height studs at each end of a header shall be in accordance with Table R602.7.5." R602.7.pdf
  5. Would anybody any have experience with some of the remanufactured cartridges that are being sold for the HP 500 inkjet? The cost difference is significant and I am hesitant to purchase without knowing if they will be a problem. Thanks for any help on this, Bob
  6. When I indicate a cross section on a floor plan I set the camera to show a double callout with an arrow pointed to the view direction. If I make a change to a cross sections associated callout or change the order of the pages within my layout the numbers in the callous that are on my floor plan change accordingly and automatically as they should. I also indicate these same cross sections on my exterior elevations using a double callout and I am wondering if there is a way to get those callouts to update automatically also. Is there a better way that I should be doing this? Thanks for any ideas, Bob
  7. Worked perfectly Eric, I thank you very much!! Bob
  8. Thank you Eric, Joe and Michael. I have made the macro but I need help changing it to read only inches please. This is what I wrote, I did the same for the width. Thank you for any help, Bob number = height + rough_opening_top + rough_opening_bottom divisor = 1/16.to_f a = ((number/divisor).round*divisor).divmod(12) feet = a[0] inches = a[1].floor if a[1].modulo(1) == 0 fraction = "" else fraction = " #{a[1].modulo(1).rationalize}" end "#{feet}'-#{inches}#{fraction}\"".reverse.chomp("-'0").chomp(" 0").reverse.chomp("-0\"")
  9. Can a window label be made to show the rough opening? Maybe with a macro?
  10. No Kyle, I don't think this can be done automatically.
  11. When you are in elevation view got to the layers and uncheck opening indicators
  12. Misunderstood. I thought you meant in plan view.
  13. Select the door and grab the triangle shaped handle and swing the door closed.
  14. That worked! Thank you Chopsaw I never thought of that. Bob
  15. I have a client whose son wants to create a model of the plan I have done and I am unable to get the gable ends to be included when using the print model function. I see all the walls and roof just fine but no gable ends. It is just a simple plan with 4 walls, two of which are gable ends. Any ideas? Thank you for any suggestions, Bob
  16. Instead of using an ICF wall use a concrete wall. Then make another one layer wall type wall as the Insulation layer only and tuck it up against the concrete wall. Maybe make it 1" thick foam insulation as the main layer. Designate the insulation wall to be no locate and shut off no locate walls in the 3d view that you want. Hope this helps, Bob
  17. That is a sensible approach that I never thought of, I have forgotten things many times when measuring.Thanks Steve.
  18. What about the weight of the wall and the studs? Floor systems are designed for a uniform load. A wall above, even if it is parallel to the joist would add a concentrated load to that joist and may require it to be doubled depending on what the wall is made up from and what is attached to it. (cabinets maybe) I think the feature is a good reminder and if a particular joist is not needed than just delete it. Just my two cents worth, Bob
  19. I tried the search you suggested Eric and Matt but came up empty. Can this be done in Chief? I have tried in the past but had no luck to work around this. it would be helpful to know if there is a workaround.
  20. I reloaded X10 this morning and I have lost my user library. It is there in X9 but I don't remember how to get it into X10. When I reinstalled I did not get the dialog box asking me if I wanted to associate plan files either. Thanks for any help, Bob
  21. Consultation services offered in the following codes, IRC IBC NEC IPC IMC IECC IEBC ANSI 117.1 Accessibility Please notify by email at
  22. Crosscutter, Just to clarify. It is not the spacing of balusters that is addressed by the IRC or the IBC, it is the opening between balusters. Section R312 What I mean by this is say you had a guard rail with 2" square balusters. With a maximum opening of a 4" as stated in R312.1.3, you would have an on center spacing of six inches
  23. Thank you Robert. I tried all that you suggested with no result so I shut off the program to try again later. I came back in a few minutes and restarted the program and then I was able to delete the layer. Thanks again! Bob
  24. I am attempting to clean up my layers in a particular plan. I have a layer that I can not delete even though it is not being used in plan ( Red + not displayed) in layer sets dialog. Any ideas for other reasons that I would not be able to delete this layer? Thanks for any help, Bob