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  1. Has any one upgraded to this version and things are ok
  2. I’ve been using a M510 but after several upgrades seems to get lost at times
  3. What is the best mouse for Imac
  4. I have a AMD Radeon Pro 5700 XT 16 GB but it does not run X13 in certain instances. Im looking for an iMac user that has a GPU that runs X13 so if I decide to buy another Apple Product I can run X13 totally. I wish Apple could change the graphics card out but no way have to buy another computer. Please let me know who has an iMac or Apple product that they are happy with thanks.
  5. Running on a iMac that X13 says the video card is ok. X12 runs perfectly but there is a latency when I run X13 as in I try to edit an object and I can get the mouse twirling. Not on X12. I also have my plans in iCloud and was thinking that could be a potential problem but X12 runs perfectly. Any suggestions would be appreciated .
  6. I have been using X13 now for about a month coming from X12. X12 has never had a speed problem but X13 does. Even if I just open an object. I also have a Mac Book Pro that cannot be used to open any view but the 2D runs great. Not on my iMac even 2D stuff can spin. Looking for suggestions Thanks
  7. I have been running X12 and never have an issue with the tool bars hot keys or screen display. When I run X13 it starts out ok but eventually I lose my toolbar and even have trouble moving say the Active Layer Display from the right to the left on my screen. I have an iMac and it is up to date on software. I have to get out of Chief X13 and reboot and start again but eventually I will be doing this again to gain control.
  8. Yes but the floor height of the floor bath is determined by the first floor ceiling height It needs to frame correctly
  9. When building a second story I start out with a blank floor plan. I do reference the first floor but the second floor can never be exactly lined up for it is totally different floor plan. But once I build the second floor I cannot change the floor heights on the first floor that is a given. So how does one when framing get the second floor to frame properly and not have floor joists lower than the rest of the 2nd floor lever for I am building over a first floor that is 9' and 10'. Thanks? AMD Radeon Pro 5700 XT 16 GB
  10. Every time I build a 2 story I have to place a down flow heater for I cannot get heat and air to the portion of the home covered by the second story. Of course this is more expensive for it requires an Heat and Air ground job. Is there a way to design a 2 story without needing a down flow? Thanks
  11. The problem was fixed once I remove the Logi Options Daemon and then added it back in. I had tried to unlock and check and then check it back in but could not uncheck it so I removed it added it back in from Finder and it started working. Rebooted my Mac and it is still working.
  12. I upgraded my MAC to Catalina 15.5.1 and my logitech mouse works with the exception of scrolling. I have a logitech M510 and it has worked for several years and works today except for the scrolling function. Any one else encounter this problem.
  13. Need suggestions on transitioning from brick to siding and of course the walls are not the same width how does one make that transition. Have included a picture of this in this post.
  14. When creating a layout on my Mac Chief Premier X11 and printing out to my HP T120 plotter all is great if I only do black and white. If I try to print it out in color even though it previews correctly the view port prints out black. I have sent to the letter size printer and it does the same thing. Like I said it previews exactly like it should either in black and white or color but prints the view port in black. So as a workaround I edited the view port to show just the elevation and it works. Just know I have set something wrong but need help. Thanks
  15. I need to keep the second story floor level the same even though part of it is over a 9 foot ceiling for most is over a 10 foot ceiling. In this plan Bed 2 will drop down to meet the ceiling height of the first floor kitchen. But that leaves it down relative to the rest of the 2nd story floor. If I put the 2nd floor back to where it matches then the kitchen will change also. Pyron 092519 Roof