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  1. This Kitchen Quick Tool is a huge timesaver and well worth the $$, rather than modifying your cabinets this includes a ton of common cabinet configurations and items that normally are time consuming. this is a great tool that I recently purchased and would recommend to any kitchen designers out there.
  2. @skoz44did you ever end up finding any useful info elsewhere? I'm in the beginning stages of putting together some Best practices for myself and future employees. Any info would be helpful. We are a kitchen and bath design firm, so we are Kitchen-centric but open to seeing how general design firms create standards, best practices and processes when drafting plans etc.
  3. I'm looking for a cabinet door w/ just a half arch to render w/out mullions. See photo for what I'm trying to achieve. Cabinet is 39" wide and it will be a double door, Im trying to render it w/ color and chief has one but it only has mullions. anyone know of a brand that has similar doors that also has a chief catalog?
  4. I am noticing that as I draw new interior walls, it is drawing them from the edge of the stud and not the finish layer. I would prefer to change that to the finish layer, as that is how I took my dimensions from the jobsite.