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  1. If I don't renew my SSA, what happens to the SSA only libraries I have downloaded? Do they disappear or will I still have access to them? TIA
  2. I am trying to do a large equipment barn. I am wanting to roof as in attached picture. I have tried several things. Is there a way without doing manual roof? Thanks
  3. After a month I found it. It is right there in the View Menu. I feel so dumb. Thanks guys.
  4. X10 does not have scroll bar. Is there an option somewher to put it back, or has there never beenone? I could swear there was one in x9. Scroll wheel and drag tool is a pain. Thanks
  5. I might have figured it out. The changed a setting in SU 2017 for using tape measure to resize. Once I figured that out, I was able to resize it. Reimported it in CA and scale was correct and I could change the size within CA. If if you run into this, in SU you have to bring up tape measure and hit CTRL until arrow or + disappears then measure and resize.
  6. Sorry, what will not open? Plan is X10 if that matters.
  7. Some imports do fine. It’s almost as if it is 68 foot in height instead of 68 inches. Like I said earlier, before I export from SU I explode it completely. Then I use cleanup plugin to fix everything. Then I group everything. I then export it, then import into CA using advanced options and set 3D dimensions. 75-80% of models to fine. The others are always resizing issues. Those always import with original SU size. I seen on another site that a program called accutrans works to fix this.
  8. I have included the .skp file, 3ds file, and a CA plan with model in it. At the front right bumper i placed aan exterior wall for scale. The object dbx and symbol info show correct dimensions. New_folder.zipx
  9. That is where I set the dimensions. Some models still import with SU measurements. When placed in plan and you highlight symbol it does not have dimensional handles. When I check options it shows my dimensions.
  10. Not all. I have tried. I check advanced when importing. Some items do fine. Others show the correct size but are not correct in plan. If I go back to check the size it shows correct size.
  11. I have SU Pro. I’ve tried resizing in SU with no luck with a lot of models. Trying to figure out why some models I can resize in CA and some I can not. I’m still new at SU.
  12. This may have been covered in another thread, if so please point me that way. I have downoaded say a car from google warehouse and imported it into CA. Some are correct and I can size it to my preference. Others import and are 3 times the size of my house and can not be resized. I can enter dimensions and it don't change. It has no handles when hilighted. When I download, I explode it completely and use the cleanup plugin to fix any errors or surfaces. Am I missing a step or something? Thanks for the help.
  13. I created brick fence using railing and adjusted to what I wanted. However bricks on posts run horizontal and panel runs vertical. How can I fix this? Photo attached. Thanks