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  1. Not the same as the photo but attached is a dual sillcock Sillcock-Dual.calibz
  2. 3-D > Materials > Plan Materials Scroll down to drywall 4x8 material replace with drywall 4x12 material Will replace all in current template and plan including defaults and wall definitions
  3. I am looking for vendors that use this program for an Akron, Ohio builder who is looking for 3-d renderings. Can anyone provide?


  4. Click extension line edit square next to marker shows and can move the individual marker string up/down and left right Click on dimension to move whole story pole and each dimension
  5. For whatever reason an electrical symbols 2-d cad block isn't capable of showing fill. I put lines very close together within the block to replicate a solid where needed.
  6. It seems CA always assumes a multi-gang electrical box when placed close to each other. One solution: Drop or Raise the height of one of the outlets/switches by 1/16". (one switch 48" from floor and the other 47 15/16" from floor) They then should be able to be placed close together without they "auto gang box." Not a perfect solution but it works.
  7. So long as you have not modified Layer Set Defaults. Go to Layer Set "Camera View Set". Change the layer colors of the Window / Door layers within that set.
  8. A block can only me assigned to a symbol with "one level" of blocking. Does you Block have blocks within it? If so explode all blocks within your block, Re-block as a single block, rename and it should be available for a symbol.