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  1. I am looking for vendors that use this program for an Akron, Ohio builder who is looking for 3-d renderings. Can anyone provide?


  2. JoeOster

    Auto story pole text overlapping each other?

    Click extension line edit square next to marker shows and can move the individual marker string up/down and left right Click on dimension to move whole story pole and each dimension
  3. JoeOster

    Cad Block fill problem

    For whatever reason an electrical symbols 2-d cad block isn't capable of showing fill. I put lines very close together within the block to replicate a solid where needed.
  4. JoeOster

    Ongoing Electrical Switch / Outlet Issue

    It seems CA always assumes a multi-gang electrical box when placed close to each other. One solution: Drop or Raise the height of one of the outlets/switches by 1/16". (one switch 48" from floor and the other 47 15/16" from floor) They then should be able to be placed close together without they "auto gang box." Not a perfect solution but it works.
  5. JoeOster

    Object color displayed in DBX

    So long as you have not modified Layer Set Defaults. Go to Layer Set "Camera View Set". Change the layer colors of the Window / Door layers within that set.
  6. JoeOster

    resizing CAD block

    A block can only me assigned to a symbol with "one level" of blocking. Does you Block have blocks within it? If so explode all blocks within your block, Re-block as a single block, rename and it should be available for a symbol.