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  1. I was experiencing crashes during the PBR rendering. Went into the Nvidia panel changed from quality to performance. I have not experienced a crash since. spend 8 hours working with the clay base and PBR today and no crashes. Anthony
  2. Thanx for this little nugget. Will try to create over the post fittings with this technique when i garner some time. Old post but really relevant.
  3. Print with ca PDFs in color. It will maintain all the fills and shadings. Open in adobe can reduce the file size by quite a lot. Then i print it to another adobe pdf in b&w. It will maintain all the fills and shadings.
  4. Still no railing offset on the stairs.
  5. X13 has construction lines. These may help eliminate, or at least provide a lockable layer that will allow you to verify your inputs. I usually create a lockable CAD box for the exterior dimensions on as builds. Our jurisdictions do not trust our as build survey, we have to have the engineering guys site plan. Often times I find discrepancies in their work. The single decimal placement can cause issues over a multiple cornered house.
  6. I find myself with the drawing sheet open on my plans. I center the drawing sheet on the 0,0 seems to keep things better aligned. when you create a new floor sheet seems to stay stacked with no issues.
  7. This would be great also. I have a giant note on my drawings that say all openings are one stud and 2 jacks min. XOO OOX I am the guy trimming most of the houses I design.
  8. I have a bifocal situation also. My optometrist made me a set of glasses with a single script for my monitor distance. They have worked well. When I am in the field doing as built I have to switch back and forth. For long sessions the glasses work great.
  9. If you are building spec homes. Chief will allow you to render some pretty realistic designs. I use it to generate premarket concepts along with the 2d drawings for a couple of builders/flip guys. 8 out of the 9 was sold before we demoed the existing structures. The 9th one is pending contract. Specs are easier when you are not dealing with HO in the building process. however, it feels good knowing you have a buy. Chief allows you to manage the expectations also. You can show people pretty much exactly what they are getting. May take you a bit to get up to speed but its worth it.
  10. Steve Thx for the nugget on walls through ceilings.
  11. I had a bit of time today. I finished tracing the Wolf Poly ash trims we use on our jobs. I have been experimenting with placing flashing on the stacks. Mixed results. See attched jpg POLY ASH TRIM.calibz
  12. Thank you for this simplistic explanation of Macros and providing me with a basic understanding.
  13. 2nd the g602. Its a great design and super comfortable.