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  1. Gr8trim4u

    Need Advise

    If you are building spec homes. Chief will allow you to render some pretty realistic designs. I use it to generate premarket concepts along with the 2d drawings for a couple of builders/flip guys. 8 out of the 9 was sold before we demoed the existing structures. The 9th one is pending contract. Specs are easier when you are not dealing with HO in the building process. however, it feels good knowing you have a buy. Chief allows you to manage the expectations also. You can show people pretty much exactly what they are getting. May take you a bit to get up to speed but its worth it.
  2. Gr8trim4u

    Would like to pay someone to fix my roof for me

    I am curious also
  3. Gr8trim4u

    VIDEO LESSON: Cantilevered Dormer

    Steve Thx for the nugget on walls through ceilings.
  4. I had a bit of time today. I finished tracing the Wolf Poly ash trims we use on our jobs. I have been experimenting with placing flashing on the stacks. Mixed results. See attched jpg POLY ASH TRIM.calibz
  5. Gr8trim4u

    Totaling Living Area - Multiple Floors

    Thank you for this simplistic explanation of Macros and providing me with a basic understanding.
  6. Gr8trim4u

    SpaceMouse Pro

    2nd the g602. Its a great design and super comfortable.
  7. Gr8trim4u

    Lintels are flat

    We are using wolf polyash trims for our lintel. Made of 4 pieces. Grab the pdf from wolf trace over them in cad add them to your library and you can stack them up how you need them. Pm me I will send what I have sketched up.
  8. I have been working around this problem with molding lines. In the effort to increase efficiency i trying to allow roof planes to manage the frieze. I am encountering the attached issue. Condition is to keep the overhangs the same depth and align the frieze. This is the issue on a small scale. I have larger plans that i wish to resolve on. x12 frieze
  9. Gr8trim4u


    Good evening all. I am usually lurking hardly post., this thread however piques my interest. 30 plus years designing and working in the field. About to wrap up the house i have attached the roof system for. This design was priced for trusses. It would not provide the client with what they desired within budgetary constraints. Mainly a non usable 3rd floor for double the money. I believe with careful planning and an understanding of point load transfers you can stick frame most roof systems. This home was designed so the load paths are pretty much not interrupted all the way to the ground. If you do not have confidence in the team you are using in the field to accomplish the task you need to find another team. Through out our industry everyone has become specialized. The term builder use to mean someone who could not only manage the job but could perform almost all the tasks. Today builder is the guy on the cell phone that only knows who to call. Those of us work in the field and behind the computer have an advantage we get to see if it worked or get to fix it if it doesn't. Stick has its place trusses have there place. Confident people in the field can make either work.
  10. Gr8trim4u

    Plinth on cabinetry

    Michael Michael Thx!!! I started with Chief architect version 98 not 9.8. it was on a 286 processor. I did enough jobs over the years but just enough to get by for what i needed . The older the body the more I do this. You guys have been a vast wealth of knowledge and efficiency Many thanx to all of you. .
  11. Gr8trim4u

    Plinth on cabinetry

    Thanks mark
  12. Gr8trim4u

    Plinth on cabinetry

    That works!! Thank Eric
  13. Gr8trim4u

    Plinth on cabinetry

    I did a search and all i come up with is doing it manually. Am i missing something. I would like to create the actual on the drawing . I have moved up to x10b