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  1. @JiAngeloRene has setup a place for chief users with great information and answers. I have been using Chief since X4 and have taken classes, yet I still have learned so much more from his free site at discord. "Referencing a 3D model" was one of the areas. Come on and take a look and learn. Here is the link Take a look at the Community-support section Best to you.
  2. Here is an open box @ $1979.00. It has RTX 4070, i-9 13900HX and one very important item is the DDR5 Ram. The ram makes a huge increase in speed. Here is one with 32 gb ram That brings you in under 2K. Check to be sure the ram can be upgraded. This seems to me to be the best of the lot. Ken
  3. He did say "When I move the camera around, it gets worse and black dots show up as well." that is a perfect description of pbr. But I do agree that is not what it looks like. As Always the signature and posting the plans helps us to help you.
  4. Check to be sure that you are in the standard camera mode and not PBR. You are describing a PBR rendering that uses the video card.
  5. @RobUSMC Dang you! I may have to buy the ipad pro. I researched the good notes 5 software. It looks great. Never having to hunt for a legal pad or drawing sheets. Use it for call in notes, job notes and HONEY DO notes. LOL. The ability to convert handwritten notes to text that can be searched is a needed feature. Thanks for posting. Can I send you the invoice for the ipad??????
  6. Other tools not mentioned, I use are a smart level to measure the roof pitch. This also allows me to place it on a wall to extend the laser out get around downspouts, meters etc. Leica laser with built in camera for all measuring. The camera is for outside when you can't see the laser dot. A white drawing board to use as a laser target. A telescoping ladder 15.5 ft and down to 3 ft for storage.
  7. I have been using a leica laser with built in camera. This works great in the sun.
  8. You may need to reframe the front porch. Posting your plan would help us to help you.
  9. @stager386 The dwg or dxf files are almost like an etch a sketch. Just lines that you can trace and measure. The first thing you need to do is to import it into it's own file not into your drawing. Then check to be sure it's at the correct scale. sometimes it may be correct but most of the times it needs to be resized times 48 or 96.
  10. @AndyRonLI Please don't take this wrong. I have been using Chief for years and have seen the major improvements they have made over that time and expect to see many more in the next release. I would rather see my SSA or yearly fees go towards improvements for the majority of users, not just a little chunk of the market. It is not just a simple change to have it run under another operating system @Renerabbitt. There are already things that do not work on a Mac that runs fine on a PC. I'm with @SHCanada2thinking that a virtual machine would be a viable option. Just like the Ruby scripting is Chiefs version not the same as the normal Ruby Respectfully, Ken
  11. Easy. Go to to thefix.plan atiic level and turn on attic walls. Pull the house walls out to edge of porch.
  12. @Allen43 Please update your signature so we know what equipment you are running. I could not replicate your issues. As was said before your backdrop was turned off. All cameras worked fine. I would contact support for help.
  13. @DRAWZILLAThanks! I will reword and post to suggestions.
  14. You will need to use a section camera. The wall elevation and back clipped cross sections are going to give you to the drywall.
  15. @DBCooper I only want to remove a portion of the fascia, not the entire roof. I think we need a menu to turn off on selected edge like gutters. Thanks for your input.
  16. I guess this should really be under suggestions.
  17. Please Ignore this thread as it belongs and has been moved to suggestions. If you want this feature please look at the new post and give your comments. I have been fighting this for years and having to just use a polyline box with no line and solid fill to hide the fascia. The truss will hang to a beam or a girder truss. I have the beam pulled back so everyone can see the fascia. I can't turn it off on a line like the freeze. What am I missing, Any suggestions?
  18. @rlackoreThanks for the mini split and the website resource.
  19. Hello All, I know many of you have been using Rene's tools and free symbols. For those of you that haven't, you should take a look at them. The Kitchen tools were my 1st purchase and my favorite! They save me so much time and impress the heck out of my clients when we can interactively bang out a kitchen design quickly. The Shower and quick bath were next in line. Just these two items helped to speed up my design time. I ended up being so impressed that I bought the "Rabbitt Design System." Wow, what a difference in putting construction documents together. He has so many details and goodies I can't even begin to explain it all. That system has all of his quick tools and he continually puts out updates to keep improving the system. It has already paid for itself in the time saved. I have been putting my details together for years. I wish that I had his full system and support from day one. It would have saved me so many hours of making my details. Plus his details look so much better. All items can be purchased from the SHOP.
  20. @MollyNDGRene's Cabinet tools are Great! Take a look at his site
  21. @MarylandGirlX15 is running SOLID! No issues. I moved to it with the last release. Rene has added many features in X15. I would never move backwards to X14.
  22. @DBCooperYou are correct again! Good on you for helping users! I gave you another upvote!
  23. I don't down vote anyone asking for help. There are so many items in Chief that are rarely used. We can't remember or even know about everything. I believe the forum is to help users. Glad you found your answer.