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  1. Hi Ryan, This is a full camera view generated out of a floor plan. Kind regards, Benny
  2. Dear all, A few days ago, I started having a problem which is new to me. Before when using CA without turning off my macbook after some weeks it could happen that the camera view tool showed a blurry picture. i turned off the computer in the afternoon and turned it on again and soon after the picture I got was again blurry. Any idea where this comes from and what I may do not having this issue? Thanks a lot. Kind regards Benny Benny Gasser Architect Chief Architect Premier X15 on Apple MacBook Pro - 2TB SSD - AMD 5500M - 16GB
  3. Thanks a lot for the help. The solution you suggested worked really well. Benny
  4. Hi Joe, Thanks for your answer. I guess this should not be the case. As you may see on the picture, the roof is actually joined. The problem is however that on one side the two roof surface have a very large open joint and on the other side that the ridge cap is missing.
  5. I am currently planning reform works for a family home. Whereas on the tower's roof the ridge cap is automatically showing, on the main roof, it doesn't. Any idea why this is the case? Benny Gasser Architect Chief Architect Premier X15 on Apple MacBook Pro - 2TB SSD - AMD 5500M - 16GB
  6. Dear Chief Architect community, I am currently working on a reform of a house from the ninety's. The building has a kind of small tower with a broken arch window on all four sides. Above the window there is a niche an in this niche there is millwork done with the same bricks as the interior and exterior sash of this window. Whether the millwork is in the niche of just the millwork or the niche is not that much important to me. But does somebody have an idea how to create the decorative part above the window? Your help is very much appreciated. Kind regards, Benny Benny Gasser Mobile: +41/79 749 36 49, Chief Architect X15, MacBookPro, 2 TB, 16 GB RAM
  7. Dear ericepv and Dermot, Sorry for taking so long to reply. I was under pressure with other projects. Thank you very much for the support. I tried the cross section/elevation and this looks good. Kind regards , Benny
  8. Good morning, I seem to have an issue with the display of my back-clipped cross sections. The walls and the floors (see picture below) are just shown with two or more lines. I would like to show these parts with a fill (e.g. the white part in between the two lines in black color too). It should look like the back-clipped cross section in the second picture. Does somebody have an idea, how to do that? Your help is very much appreciated. Kind regards Benny
  9. Ryan and Erick thanks a lot. It worked! I wish you a nice Sunday!
  10. Thanks. If I do this, the system asks me to enter coordinates. Probably the solution might still be to do a room of the stairs.
  11. Thanks a lot Eric. And how do I select the attribute Room Specification for stairs? When I double click on stairs I get always in Stair Specification and not Room Specification. Is there any problem that in my design stairs are just part of the room around but not really defined as a room? I appreciate your support. Kind regards, Benny
  12. Hi Eric, Yes. I need to hand in the designs for a project to the building department in German language. It would be great, if I could change this label. Thanks for your support. Benny
  13. Working on a Macbook Pro, Chief Architect X13 Dear all, I have one simple question to which I was not able to find a solution. When it comes to the Room Type and Room Name, Chief Architect is very user-friendly because it allows you to write what you want in any language. Up to now however, I have not found a solution to change the word "Stairwell". Any ideas from your side? Cheers! Kind regards, Benny
  14. Dear all, As communicated by Chief Architect, the photorealistic ray tracing presented in version X13 is not possible on mac computers. The reason for it is that the graphic cards used by Apple are not fit for purpose. Apparently there is a workaround by installing an external graphic card ( NVIDIA RTX or an AMD Radeon RX 6000 series graphics card). Has anybody in this discussion group tried to run X13 on her/his Mac while using an external graphic card box (e.g. Razer Core X Chroma) and a NVIDA RTX or AMD Radeon RX 6000 series graphics card? Thanks for your posts! Kind regards, Benny
  15. Chief Architect X13, MacBook Pro 2020, 16 GB RAM, 2 TB HD Dear all, I am currently workin on a project where I face the following issue: The garage is roughly 40 inches (1 meter) lower than the street level. Due to the local regulation the sloping of the ramp or driveway to the garage may be at maximum 12%. This is the reason why the ramp needs to be sloping on both axis (going down as depicted but sloping towards the garage too). Any idea how to do that? Thanks for your help. Kind regards, Benny