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  1. Dear all, As communicated by Chief Architect, the photorealistic ray tracing presented in version X13 is not possible on mac computers. The reason for it is that the graphic cards used by Apple are not fit for purpose. Apparently there is a workaround by installing an external graphic card ( NVIDIA RTX or an AMD Radeon RX 6000 series graphics card). Has anybody in this discussion group tried to run X13 on her/his Mac while using an external graphic card box (e.g. Razer Core X Chroma) and a NVIDA RTX or AMD Radeon RX 6000 series graphics card? Thanks for your posts! Kind regards, Benny
  2. Chief Architect X13, MacBook Pro 2020, 16 GB RAM, 2 TB HD Dear all, I am currently workin on a project where I face the following issue: The garage is roughly 40 inches (1 meter) lower than the street level. Due to the local regulation the sloping of the ramp or driveway to the garage may be at maximum 12%. This is the reason why the ramp needs to be sloping on both axis (going down as depicted but sloping towards the garage too). Any idea how to do that? Thanks for your help. Kind regards, Benny
  3. Dear all,

    I currently run Chief Architect X13 on a MacBookPro from 2020. Has anybody tried to us an external graphic card (nvidia or AMD) to make full use of the photorealistic rendering capabilities?

    Thanks for your input!

    Kind regards,


  4. Good morning Glenn, Thanks for the additional information. I will be happy to adjust accordingly. Kind regards, Benny
  5. Gents, thanks a lot to everybody who supported me. "The more I know, the more I realize what I do not know". Cheers, Benny
  6. Hi Michael, Thanks for your feedback. When I changed from "1" to "0", I didn't notice any change in the design. Do you know what the difference is between these two settings? Kind regards, Benny
  7. Dear all, Thanks for your support! I was so unhappy and figured finally myself out what was wrong. Under Preferences/Appearance/Line Weights/Minimum Display Weight: there was a 6 instead of a 1 which made all lines very thick. Kind regards, Benny
  8. Hi Dermot, Unfortunately this did not solve my problem. The very thick lines just appear in my working plan view on my monitor. However, when I produce the layout view, it goes back to how it should be. I post therefore a PDF of both views. Villa Cabochon_200923_Print Screen.pdf Villa Cabochon_200923_Layout View.pdf
  9. Hi glennw, I checke the Advanced Line Weight Options: yes it is set at 1:100 mm. I guess, this is how it should be, no? Kind regards, Benny
  10. Dear DJP, sorry I added the version to my signature: I am on Premier X12.
  11. Dear Chieftalk members, Unfortunately I must have changed something im my general setup. All lines (not only the walls) are so thick that it is disturbing. Does anyone have an idea how to change this? Villa Cabochon_200923_Print Screen.pdf Kind regards, Benny
  12. Hi Steve, Thanks a lot for the great video. It was very helpful and I was even able to delete the posts except for two of them. Best regards, Benny
  13. Well, actually it is just the view which looks unified. From the other side of the house it is a standard garage. But thanks for the valuable input.
  14. Dear Chopsaw and DJP, Thanks for your answers. This is the front view of the balcony. Moreover as a next step I intend to add vertical columns ranging from the ground floor till the height of the 1st floor ceiling. They should be connected with a horizontal concrete piece to the face of the building. Kind regards, Benny
  15. Dear all, I just recently acquired Chief Architect Premier Software to build and renovate houses. I am based in Europe and here we today often build balconies in concrete and instead of a metal or wooden railing. In the concrete we insert a aluminum or stainless steel profile and then insert tempered glass vertically. The glass hereby has the function of the railing. In my current project I built the balcony using a slab. Has anyone an idea, how I could design a vertical glass railing on it? Thanks for your help. Benny