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  1. Cabinet maker and contractor requirement. They also use 5/8" gables on either side of a range/appliance so I find it helpful to have them dimensioned when planning out the space. I also like to be able to see them on my floorplan view which you can't when adding them through the cabinet dialog box (unless I'm mistaken here?) Attaching the plan I was working on when I aired my frustrations (lol). Client wanted framed end panels on every end which wasn't an easy change given I had used partitions. I just wish there were an easier/more seamless way, I guess. There are drawbacks no matter which way I do it. When I create them out of partitions: - can only be slab but are dimensioned easier - crown does not extend over them so I'm having to do that separately - can see on floorplan When I add them through the dialog box: - can be slab or framed but have to dimension each one manually with point markers - can't be larger than the cabinet you're applying it to (i.e. for the end of an island that is 2 cabinets deep/back to back) - can't see on floorplan for space planning (this is the biggest problem for me and why I always just go back to just using partitions) Based on all of the helpful comments here though I think I'll just change to making them out of a cabinet or using a free-standing cabinet door. Decoe
  2. Cabinet maker uses applied gables/end panels. I know that I can add these through the cabinet dialog box. When I do it this way, they aren't picked up when doing dimension lines so I'm having to add multiple point markers and do every one manually. Also, if I have an appliance on the end of a cabinet run (DW, bar fridge, etc), I'd be unable to add a gable/panel this way anyways. Also doesn't work well on the end of an island where you have cabinets on front and back with different depths. So, I typically just resize a partition to make these end gables. The problem, however, is that I can't add a cabinet profile to these. Is there something in the library I'm missing or an easier way to do this without a thousand work arounds?
  3. Thanks once again, solver! Much appreciated for the video, very helpful!
  4. Okay this definitely got the job done! Thanks so much! I do still wonder what the proper way to do it is though lol I gave myself a headache trying to figure it out
  5. So draw a CAD line from point to point and then draw a wall next to the CAD line? Wall doesn't seem to be snapping to the CAD line and the other dimensions are still changing...
  6. I have my floorplan down but need to add an angled wall between the two points seen below. The measurements shown there are what I need them to be, however, any time I try to connect those two points everything is thrown off. Wall lengths change. I've tried so many different ways of doing this but nothing seems to be working for me (drawing all walls and then adjusting as needed, locking the start/end/center of the walls, etc). I know I must be doing something wrong or backwards here but can't figure it out. Showroom.plan
  7. Typically I can see dashed lines between each cabinet on my floorplan. On this plan, I cannot. I must have changed a default or layer setting somewhere but I can't see where or how to change it back. Not sure if this has anything to do with it, but all of the cabinets were framed/inset at one point but I've since changed them to frameless/full overlay.
  8. The contractor I work for pays for the license. Could perhaps be there for download under his account? Only thing available in my locker is Home Designer Pro.
  9. Ah. Just purchased and then realized I can't use any of them bc I only have X13.
  10. Thank you for this!! I'll have to figure out how to put a hole in the bottom of the solid so I can add an insert like you did. Baby steps lol. The general shape of the hood will do for this current project though. Much appreciated! P.S. Chief wouldn't let me export anything without upgrading.
  11. Eric, thank you so much for this! Very helpful & very much appreciated! I didn't need the rounded edges so I skipped the molding polyline step and just used a polyline solid.
  12. Lol, I knew this was coming. I did try using polyline solids. This was my first ever attempt at building something from scratch so I'm not sure that I approached it in the best way. - Built a box for the base. - Added another box on top, which I then used the arc tool on. - Added another box on top of that and used the subtraction tool so that the arc would carry straight up from the middle. The arc turned out jagged? Attaching a screenshot. Like I said, not sure I approached it in the most efficient or effective way.