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  1. That option is greyed out on my dialog box.
  2. Are you still having this issue or was it ever resolved? I'm experiencing the same thing with every semi-large layout file - ready to rip my hair out. Tried both suggestions above to no avail.
  3. Hi, I'm not sure if I've changed some type of setting or what's happened but now when I enter the Global Macro %date.long%, the day of the week is included when it never was before. I'd prefer the day of the week not to show... Screenshot from a PDF I just created last week: Now the date shows up like this: Any idea what's happened here? Thank you!!
  4. I think he was looking at the Open Box one for $1899.99. From what I can tell, the only difference in specs from the Best Buy one he recommended and the CC one you did would be the processor? AMD vs i7? Can you upgrade RAM later on these? How can you tell from the specs? I think I'd likely take it as is for now with 16GB RAM and then upgrade later if it's a possibility.
  5. Sorry my mistake lol. The price I saw was in CAD but once I added the video card, RAM, OS, etc it came out to over $3000 CAD. The newest one suggested by the IT guy is around $2000 CAD.
  6. I'm assuming this is in USD though...?
  7. Still going back and forth on this... IT guy suggested this one now vs the original: Original:
  8. Or this one at $1799? RTX 4070 and 16GB but with i7 Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm gathering that ideal would be i9, 32GB RAM and either a RTX 3080 or 4070? Something will have to give there though due to cost - just not sure what to sacrifice first lol.
  9. I think these would be viable options and ones I'd be comfortable suggesting based on price point: 1) (original, $1699) 2) (better video card but 16GB RAM? $1749) 3) (same video card but 32GB RAM? $1889) 4) (same video card but 32GB RAM - $1499 - why is this one so much cheaper? lol) Will all of the above allow me to do RTRT? Thanks to all of you for your help!!
  10. I won't get RTRT with the one in my signature or with the laptop I linked above? He has not, and tbh I didn't think I wasn't going to be given the opportunity for input on the purchase - I thought the IT guy was just going to go ahead once he got the OK. So, since this one is priced at $1700 I'm inclined to stick very close to that $ if I were to suggest something else. Don't want to push my luck here lol. So a 3080 is better than a 4060 but the 4070 is better than the 3080? Is an Intel CPU better or just preference? What are the other options?
  11. Ha, actually my signature is correct. When I was working solo, I had a gaming laptop and had no rendering issues outside of the laptop being slow when working on larger files. I recently started working under a general contractor who provided me the laptop with the specs in my signature. Its giving a very consistent error and crashing every time I go into a Physically Based Camera mode and sometimes in Standard. I've been working with their IT guy for several weeks. He's updated all drivers and done many a number of other setting related changes to no avail. You can see the error message I'm referring to if you go to my past posts here. Today, the IT guy suggested the GC purchase the laptop linked above to solve the issues as the video card built into this one seems to not be compatible with CA. GC ok'd this but the IT guy is asking my opinion and if it will suit my needs. I think asking for a 4090 video card would be presumptuous and excessive and I don't want to offend as its not coming out of my pocket. i.e. Is this sufficient for now? Can it run 1-2 external monitors? Can the video card and/or RAM be upgraded/swapped at a later date if ever required? I realize these may be questions for him but I follow you renerabbit and value your opinion! Thanks!
  12. I work mostly in vector or line drawing camera modes. My current laptop is crashing anytime I switch to physically based camera mode. I typically export images in this mode for client presentations but that's about it. Can RAM be upgraded later on a laptop? I know they can be different from a desktop in this regard. How do I check re: ports? I only use 1 external monitor and only when I'm in the office. Thank you for your input, much appreciated!
  13. Just looked this one up and definitely out of budget at the moment. Are you suggesting this bc the specs on the laptop that I linked are insufficient for CA?