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  1. Any idea how to create an "A" frame structure where sloped walls create both the exterior walls and the roof?
  2. Time to upgrade from my 3-year old MacBook Pro. Going back to a desktop with a bit more graphics power. Looking at a new iMac with a 3.6 GHZ, 10-core I9 processor with the new Radion Pro 5700 XT graphics card. This is a $4,000 computer, so I want to set it up correctly from the start. Several months ago I was on some online training and heard that VS 13 was able to dramatically reduce rendering times on a PC with the newest graphics cards, but as Apple had not yet released its newest models with upgraded cards, there was no information on how VS would work compared to the PC version. The Radeon PRO 5700 XT is state of the art. Anyone have any experience with this setup?