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  1. Make the window taller then redo the "match roof".
  2. Break the wall in 2 places that are the width of the gate. Angle the wall to show it as a gate that is open. You will have to use an invisible wall where the gate is located so it will continue to be a deck.
  3. The walls that are lower appear to be inset from the foundation below. They might be out of alignment. You should also rebuild your wall framing so it can update correctly.
  4. You might have the room definition set to DECK and it is generating the supports and footings. Try changing the room definition to something else and see if it goes away.
  5. How about a note with an arrow pointing to where it should go.
  6. You have too much going on with overlapping items that are confusing the program. Use terrain break tool with transition set to zero. Elevation regions or lines should not overlap. Use the terrain break for quick transitions. You might also want to set the terrain to be big enough to encompass all of the various regions. Adjust the terrain specification settings to be at low or even linear. It might help if you do a little more research and practice before taking on a terrain that is this complex.
  7. Unlock the roof trim and manually drag it over to where you want it.
  8. IRC code would require 6" as the narrowest point of the tread. The stair you show has 0".
  9. Perhaps a monitor problem. Does the problem show up if viewed on a different monitor?
  10. Avoid having pictures or PDF files imported into the file or at least minimize how many there are.
  11. Open the specification DBX. Go newels/balusters and adjust the spacing. I think the default is 96" but it can be anything you want.
  12. It would appear that you are doubling up on the insulation. There is several inches on rigid insulation but you are showing insulation in the ceiling. Most EPDM manufacturers will call for 1/2" panels (the fiber board you are showing) or whatever their requirements show. If this is being build in CDA, you might have to show what a scupper is. If it is in the city, there is at least one inspector that will probably want to see the parapet framing be part of the wall below like a balloon framed situation. One last hint. This is sort of overkill but I have one builder that wants the edge of the fiber board to be notched down at the edge of the roof. This prevents the flashing and seams from pooling at the edge of the roof.
  13. You could make the wall material smooth and use material regions of thinner material for the locations you want the reveals.
  14. Use a molding polyline instead of a soffit. It will be easier to control.
  15. Turn all layers on when looking for it. It might be an attic wall or something you might not have turned on in layers.
  16. The title of this thread is perfect.
  17. It took rene rabbit (one of the best users on this forum) more than 11 minutes to explain the new library system. I would not call this browser an improvement. It is ludicrously complicated for no REAL reason IMHO.
  18. Under the build structure tab there will be an option to mark the location of a bearing wall. The joist will then break at that point into 2 shorter lengths. You might have to tell the defaults to NOT align the joists at the break point.
  19. Add a floor level above the roof and draw a rail wall to align with the exterior walls below. If the guard rail is intended to be solid, set the rail wall to a solid wall and pull the roof inside the rail instead of outside. It will then look like a parapet wall.
  20. A room defined as DECK does not have a ceiling at all. If the upper deck is intended to be a water proof covering such as DURADEK, it would not be defined as DECK. Give the rooms definitions of what you are calling decks another choice. You could define them as LIVING ROOM. You could then specify the room specifications to show what you want. You could set the floor finish material to the water proof product. The same goes for the ceiling material specification. Set the specifications to have a ceiling then change the material to what ever you want.
  21. You could draw a solid fence where the property line is located. Make that layer show up in the layers for elevation.
  22. IRC code will require a crawl space of 18". I don't think you have that much.
  23. Your roof plane is supposed to be rafters. You might have the specifications set for trusses (no birds mouth). There may be other things going on as well.
  24. There is really no reason to have this level of realism for something like this. Your plan file size will get enormous and your system will slow to a crawl.
  25. I believe the top of plate is set from the room ceiling defaults not the roof plane specification.