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  1. I'm using X12 for Mac. I really like my plans to have consistency between different pages, especially of the same plan but different views (electrical plan, lighting plan, furniture plan, etc.). It's important to me that the layout boxes are in the same location on consecutive pages. I thought the best way to achieve this was to use the Place Point function. I've checked to make sure "snap to points/markers" is turned on. However, when I move a layout box, it does not snap to the place point. Am I missing something here on how to use this particular feature? Thanks. Jason
  2. Thanks everyone. I did mention that I'm using Chief Architect X11, but forgot to mention it's on a Mac and it's premier. I'll work on my signature. In terms of the horizontal and vertical offset. This seems to be a fairly inaccurate way to move a tile pattern around once you've actually applied it. Whether in plan (like a tile floor) or elevations (tile showers), there must be a way to tell the system to start the pattern at a defined location (middle of a doorway or wall). The problem with the offset method is that CA applies the texture and pattern in ways that don't seem to make sense. If I apply a 4x4 tile to a wall, it doesn't appear to start in the lower left corner or middle of the wall. That makes using the offset nearly impossible. Too much guessing. I included an example of what I'm trying to do. The reason I mentioned Autocad is because I could just select the middle of the wall at the bottom and select "set as origin." So easy and effective. Hope this clarifies what I'm asking. Jason
  3. I've been looking high and low for any tool or trick in CA X11 to do something that Autocad can do really easily - it's called "set origin" and used for hatches (yes, I know CA doesn't use hatches). When providing drawings to contractors, it's nice to show them exactly how a tile pattern or flooring should be laid out. This often entails the starting point for a material - is it centered in a doorway or starts in a corner, etc. I can't find anyway to do this in CA. Am I missing something? If this doesn't exist in CA, seems like it should be something to add in so that we can provide accurate technical drawings to builders.