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    Double Floor being created

    Delete all your floor joists and tell it to rebuild them.
  2. javatom

    Auto Detail

    Just auto detail it and then delete the parts you dont want.
  3. javatom


    The "as-built" of the existing home is kind of a required element. Most permit offices would not accept a plan that did not show this. It also shows what the completed project would look like.
  4. javatom

    Two texture views in one camera view

    You use 2 plans. One with the structure "as-built". The other one with the new design. Take a camera view then hit "tools", "floor reference display". Then turn on the other plan in the reference display with a different type of view like glass house and you will see them both.
  5. javatom

    Tried The New Style Palette in X12...

    Save as method.
  6. javatom


    Open the default for the dimensions and change it from feet and inches to just inches.
  7. javatom


    Use various clever ideas to place posts where you want them - 15 min. Place them manually - 2 min.
  8. javatom

    Specs on drawings, or in spec book

    This is an example of the opposite extreme of too much info on the plan. One county I work in tried to use an "opt in program". All plans had to be submitted but you could choose whether or not to have the plans examiner and the field inspectors involved. This experiment has since come to an end. The picture is an actual plan (not one I made) that was approved for construction under this system. I think you can guess why the experiment failed.
  9. javatom

    Specs on drawings, or in spec book

    This is the way to do it. I know some plan checkers as friends and they confirm that they change from week to week. They change their focus on what they want to see. Give them almost nothing. They will request some notes. Add them, upload the revision and move on to the next job. I started to see LESS revision requests when I started doing this. It often goes through with no note requests. This whole conversation is about the "busy work" notes that no one reads. A relevant specification is a different story. I feature those on the plan where they are needed and will get read.
  10. javatom

    Window Trim

    You placed the yellow starts on the window "frame". That part will generate to fill the wall dimension. Just place a window and it will be there.
  11. javatom

    stair well issue

    Make sure the floor framing layer is turned on.
  12. javatom

    Box or Garden window

    Placing the search words in quotations can sometimes bring better results.
  13. You often have insightful ideas but getting rid of layouts is probably the worst suggestion in the history of this forum.
  14. I understand that and I do not use it that way but many people might think that is how it works.
  15. If you have anno sets and layer sets that work for your layout, the plan views are a redundant feature. One downside I can think of is a layer being turned off and you want it turned off for every level. With anno sets, you just turn it off and the images are gone from each layout page that features that type of view. With plan view sets, you have to alter multiple pvs to accomplish the same thing. I use the plan view sets but I do not rejoice over its development the way some users do.
  16. I have gone back to anno sets as well.
  17. javatom

    Boxed eaves

    Sometimes, you can force one to build by taking it off default and specifying the length.
  18. javatom


    Create a new wall type with those materials then change the wall to that new wall type.
  19. javatom

    Missing Layout files

    You can also have that problem if you change the file names after you have sent it to the layout.
  20. javatom

    Wall materials suddenly changing on me

    Your exterior wall definitions have 0" for the thickness of the siding. Your interior wall have been painted with the material painter. Open those walls and reset the materials to the defaults.
  21. javatom

    Different handrail on one side than the other

    This one took about 5 min. by using 2 stairs.
  22. javatom

    Different handrail on one side than the other

    You could also use 2 stairs that are aligned for rise and run. Set one to have one rail type and the other to have the alternate rail type.
  23. javatom

    Drawing walls using interior dims

    You can also set the defaults for the dimensions to see both wall sides (or what ever you want it to see).
  24. javatom

    Changing Roof Pitch Changes Bearing Height

    Many roofs are done with trusses. It is common to have an energy heel of around 14". Locking the baseline will keep the energy heel the same.
  25. javatom

    windows above roof line

    Your asking about a window above a roof line. I think what you mean is the CEILING not the roof. But I'm guessing.