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  1. javatom

    Stoop in Foundation layer

    One of your wall selections in the pull down menu will be "straight foundation walls". Click on it and draw them in. Make sure they are aligned with the walls of your "stoop".
  2. javatom

    Small portion of wall poking through roof

    Check your room type definitions for the shop.
  3. javatom

    Small portion of wall poking through roof

    Delete the wall. The wall below it can build up to that level. Place upper windows on lower wall. You might have to tell the room to have no ceiling and then place one manually where you want it.
  4. javatom

    Default Pricing?

    Do a search under "hometech remodeling and renovation cost estimator 2019". It is a good starting point for cost estimates.
  5. javatom

    General questions from a new member

    That library has a down side. The face count is through the roof for what you get out of it. It is not worth it for what it does to your file size. It might be helpful if you are asked to do shop drawings for a custom made version of cable rails though.
  6. javatom

    Multi-Board Fascias

    I might have put the money into better window and door trim instead of that fascia.
  7. javatom

    Pics/Rendering to ChiefArchitect Suite

    Some of you should really start looking at the date of the original post before responding.
  8. javatom


    FYI. Your stair will not work in that space. You need a bigger stair opening to reach the next level.
  9. javatom

    Anyone Using Digital Submissions In Your City?

    Digital submissions are quite common now. The only downside is that you have to be aware of your file size getting to big. Some cities have limitations on the size it can load.
  10. javatom

    how to cover this railing hole?

    You can also cover it with a molding. In the real world, this would have some sort of trim board covering the edge. The molding would accomplish that look. The down side is that it would have to be moved if you moved the wall above it.
  11. javatom

    Minimum Steps for Layouts

    The users here generally call that the "save as method". It can be a good way to do a project if you have it set up right.
  12. javatom

    Pole barn garage plan design request.

    I'm seeing less requests for stone wainscotting. I think people are bored with it.
  13. javatom


    You can also shut off the automatic rebuild of attic walls in the general wall defaults.
  14. javatom

    Porch roof

    Open the dbx for the porch and tell it to have a flat ceiling. Set the ceiling height to the level that you want the gable end wall to build down to. You could also place an attic wall manually and re-shape it to the size you want in elevation view. The part you circled needs to have no porch roof then just drag the attic call to the left.
  15. javatom

    Layout problems

    The plan is not sent as a live view. Live view is for 3D images and elevations.