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  1. javatom

    Roof Planes

    You can also move the roof plane to another level. Click on the roof and hit "display on floor above". It is the icon that looks like a gable end of a roof.
  2. javatom

    Fascia top height

    It could be a label.
  3. javatom

    plan is 300KB- why?

    You also might have some imported objects that have really high face counts. For instance, I have seen two toilets that look about the same but one has a really high face count. If your plan has a lot of these items, it can really add up.
  4. javatom

    Ceiling Heights sloped walls

    The roof will determine how it frames. Look at a section view. You will be able to see the wall and ceiling heights more clearly.
  5. javatom

    Ceiling Heights sloped walls

    Open the DBX for the rooms in question and change the ceiling height. Leave the other rooms as they are. You can change ceiling heights on a room by room basis.
  6. javatom


    That line is probably a dashed line and it just did not show up that way before. You need to figure out what that line is and check the definition for that line or the layer that it is on.
  7. javatom

    Frieze Board not working

    You can make it a separate entity by exploding the auto dormer.
  8. javatom


    You should put this in the section called "seeking services".
  9. javatom

    Wall offset problem

    Drag the roof plane over that wall and the framing will disappear. The plane that will do this is the big one you have covering the bulk of the house not the small one above it.
  10. javatom

    Looking for ideas for framing

    I would never show this on a plan. Who would it be benefiting? The framers know how to frame a wall. If they don't, hire a different framer.
  11. javatom


    You can also import saved plan views from different plan. Use the template you sent the plan to but import the other sets of plan views so you can make it look right.
  12. javatom

    Screen share

  13. Maybe something very directional and focused. Keeping light AWAY from the screen is important.
  14. javatom

    Rid me of this unwanted window trim

    It is adding the lintel because that is how your defaults are set. You could change the default and the lintel will not generate but then you would have to manually change the rest of the windows to have it turned back on.
  15. javatom

    Rid me of this unwanted window trim

    Copy the inner wall and paste it inside the room. Then the pass through will be there and you can delete the lintel from the pass through. Then move the copied inner wall back into place against the outer wall.