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  1. You might have an object in the plan that you don't know is there. Turn all layers on. Hit F6. This will put everything on the screen. That might help you track it down.
  2. I recently saw a very impressive but very involved way of creating an arched top cabinet. (see fun challenge #4) It involved many steps and a lot of parts. I often solve things with this same idea of poly line solids to create something. I was a really nice looking finished product. Nice job Rene. I made this to show a really fast way of creating this if your client might want to keep adjusting the size of it and you want to do it fast. This only takes a few minutes. Build window on an exterior wall so you can control inside and outside casings. I added the thicker exterior wall after I built it but you can always made it a symbol and use it on another plan. Changing the size is a simple matter of adjusting 4 controllable things. 1. adjust window to new cabinet size. 2. adjust width of base cabinet to new size. 3. adjust width of wall cabinet. 4. adjust width of one poly line solid. Adjusting this would take less time than it took my to type this explanation. Advantages - lightening fast, looks like a tolerable representation of the real thing. Disadvantages - less detail, could never be used as a shop drawing, can not be shown with the doors open (because it is really a window).
  3. Wow, that thing should be in the carpenter hack hall of fame.
  4. This is the settings I used.
  5. I have always done this with 2 roof planes. The bottom one has the curve. I try to set the curve at a point that it could be framed with a sistered 2x12 that is cut to match the curve. That will be a small flare but should look ok. For more of a flared look, you have to increase the curve amount and the intersection point will move up toward the top of the roof. It looks better that way but would be tougher to build.
  6. Place your text in a layer that will be used with the floor plan view. Turn that layer off in the other views. Each view should have its own text layer set that is special to that view.
  7. "edit wall layer intersection" tool should do the trick. You have to click on a wall and hit that tool then you can change it.
  8. Go into your layers and turn off "walls, Main layer only".
  9. Open your current version of Chief and then open the plan file. I think it will load it in to the newer version.
  10. Try turning your computer off for a few minutes then try it again.
  11. I can not recall a single time I have needed this fill. I always delete it.
  12. I think he wants the blocks running plumb. This one has them perpendicular to the roof plane.
  13. Poly line solids placed on their own layer - done in 5 min. Frieze board will drive you nuts for an hour getting it even close.
  14. Have the engineer add it to your PDF. If it is being done under the engineers direction, they can send you a jpeg of a signed stamp and you can import it into your layout. Make sure they know that you are doing it this way and send them a copy of the stamped version for their records.