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  1. I haven't researched this to thoroughly, but was wondering if it's possible to show pocket doors open and pushed back in 3d? Thank you!
  2. Thanks guys! I think I had some burn out this week working on this design. I am 5 months into learning Chief, so I appreciate the help!! There only so many videos I can watch!
  3. Trying to cut a slope or "head room" just on this front edge of the ceiling. This ceiling is also a slab. It's the only way I could get this 3rd level split to have the right ceiling heights. Can anyone help on how to make a cut out for head room on this? I have a picture of the current space attached as well. I am sure I did something wrong and not even sure if this design would work -I guess i need it to look like the very last picture of the existing ceiling - but do it all the way across.
  4. My boss wants me to draw an exterior of a home. We have the measurements/elevations. It has a lot of different roof planes and interesting build outs and additions that have been added over the years. What does everyone recommend for their favorite videos to learn from to start drawings exteriors?
  5. wow - looks amazing! Why does it have to cost as much as a car!!
  6. Yes, this is what I was thinking. Looks like it's not what I thought it would do. We currently use an app for outdoor exterior measurements called contractors eye. It builds a 3d model from the pictures we take. It walks you through the steps and where to stand, etc. We can then download the PDF with all the measurements and we can also upload the entire 3d model into Sketch Up. It even gives you square feet of siding and roofing needed for bidding. Does chief not have something like this yet? I would think there would be an APP or something that would work with Chief to figure out how upload a 3d model with automatic measurements. There is a lot of apps like PLNAR, MAGIC PLAN, etc. that make the measuring, and figuring square feet for flooring, backsplash, etc. But nothing that can build an automated 3d model and can be uploaded into Chief already done. Unless anyone knows of some technology that I haven't heard of that works with Chief?
  7. Has anyone ever measured a interior space with the leica camera? Is that even something that is possible....I thought I heard something about this in Chief and wondering if anyone is familiar with if this works, and if anyone has had the experience. Thank you!
  8. Hi Everyone! Can anyone direct me to the best way to draw an existing house in Chief Architect V. 12? My current place of employment uses SketchUp for rendering the "as built" of homes. They start this process by using the Hover-James Hardie app. It takes 3d measurements from taking exterior images of the house. Then we export the 3d measurements into sketch up. And the entire house pops up and we can do whatever we need from that point. Wondering if there is a way to do this in Chief? The files we can export are SKP, DWG, DXF AND .esx I have already talked with someone from Chief, and they said it's not possible. But thought I would post here anyway. I have tried to bring a file into Chief but it brings it in as one large red block and doesn't let me change anything. If it can't be done in Chief, then I will have to draw the entire house I guess. Thank you!
  9. Do you know if there is any videos with the step by step directions to do this. I have only been doing Chief for 3 months. I tried doing windows and a door glass panel, but don't know how to change the look of the door to a thin black line. Guess I will keep trying. Also, how did you get this to be a corner! It's exactly what I need.
  10. Well that is amazing, thank you so much!
  11. I am also VER 12 if anyone needs to know.
  12. Trying to replicate this wine area/glass walls. I know I can use poly lines to make the grids. BUT I need to show the client the room with doors open and doors closed. I looked on 3d warehouse and couldn't find much. I have tried to add lites to a door, but the frame of the door is still too thick. I need the black metal lines to be all the same thickness. Any suggestions would be amazing!! Thank you!