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  1. PM me and pass along your phone number so we can talk. Thanks!
  2. Ahh...will investigate this after my meeting! Thank you!
  3. My layout file will show my 4 selected 3-D images (4 different camera views), but when I print a hard copy or print to Chief's PDF, the images that come out are 4 identical images, and it's a view chosen at random. In a pinch, I had to Print Screen my layout page, crop, and paste in Word Document to print and bring to a meeting. So the images I want are there on the screen just not printing out. Does anyone have suggestions on how to correct?
  4. Cailin

    Angled Cabinet Back

    Yes, I searched on the Forum, CA X12 Help, and the Knowledge Base, but could only find topics on cabinets with angled fronts not backs. As a new user, I've been doing a load of searches and training videos and up until now, I easily found answers.
  5. Cailin

    Angled Cabinet Back

    What steps are needed to angle the back of a cabinet?