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  1. Created a custom double sink vanity with multiple base cabinets , added my two sinks , cannot "block" to make it a single base cabinet where style palette would accept it - not surprised, can't recognize properties, Created one large vanity including the same sections I wanted, which I could save in style palette, but not when I "forced" a second sink ... Q1 - is there a way to add two vessels with out using the method below (click link) Q2 - Wouldn't it be nice to include custom blocks into style palette so long it's location is specified?? Q3 - Am I the only one clueless ? Rhetorical , don't answer Thank you in advance https://hometalk.chiefarchitect.com/topic/840-i-get-error-when-trying-to-add-second-sink-to-bathroom-vanity/
  2. RaquelPorlamar

    Library difference

    I'm such a noob, thank you for coming to my rescue.... I get "library" hungry, I love expanding my options and I know I can convert sketch up library item for CA?
  3. RaquelPorlamar

    Library difference

    Some of the library items in CA interiors x9 are better than what Premier x12 offers. Can I use x9 library content in my upgraded x12 ? ... how do I do it. Thank you
  4. RaquelPorlamar

    CA Interiors vs CA Premier

    Hi Everyone, So I have been using CA Interiors 9X since it came out, and have not renewed the SSA since it expired. I am contemplating upgrade and thinking maybe I would upgrade to Premier rather than CA interiors , so , my question is, In terms of interior design focus.... would premier have an advantage over Ca Interiors, or even home interiors? Anyone used them all and can tell me the advantages of having one over the other ? I don't really want to pay all the extra for premier if interiors has most of capabilities plus better interior elements???? Thank you
  5. RaquelPorlamar

    different molding color

    Hi everyone, hope you are doing well and staying safe ! I tried finding this online before asking here, I need the molding to follow their cabinet color, but I can't remember how I've done that before . I tried leaving space, but that's just a big gap. I went into the material on the pieces separately as well....I am using CA Interiors X9 , thank you in advance!
  6. Hi everyone, I am using CA Interiors X9, and I wa nt to recreate this corner open shelf without having the highlighted divider as you can see in my CA. Any tips? I tried two separate cabinets deleting sides but it doesn't eliminate the side cabinet door frame. Thank you in advance ❤
  7. RaquelPorlamar

    half moon/cup shaped counter

    Hi Robert, I do get the email notifications. This looks great. I do want to get into the sketchup too, when I have more time that is... this looks great. I am tempted to ask you to send it to me. I haven't used sketchup for CA yet.
  8. RaquelPorlamar

    half moon/cup shaped counter

    Thank you gentlemen, I am way lost I see. But all good, I am considering converting to the latest in Premier. In the meantime I will go ahead and post under home interiors. Thank you for taking the time, I'll be around once I upgrade Ciao
  9. RaquelPorlamar

    half moon/cup shaped counter

    Hello Gentlemen, thank you. I guess I should have mentioned I have the hone interiors edition rather than the premier package. Still working on this
  10. RaquelPorlamar

    half moon/cup shaped counter

    Hi Everyone, I am new here and relatively new using CA... I'm trying to create a half moon counter that gets slimmer toward the bottom. Height needs to be around the 36", width at top 40" and narrowing to 30 when reaching the floor. I hope you have the patience to explain step by step. I tried CAD, Curved half wall, bowed front counter and couldn't figure out how to completely manipulate the edges to make what I want. see attached example - photos from madeinchine.com Thank you all in advance