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  1. Good Evening, I am moving an existing building on a lot. I have fully developed the existing terrain (it's slopes), and have also fully developed the existing structure. The project now involves literally picking up structure and relocating it on the lot. QUESTION - is it better to selected the structure and move it on the lot (like we do in real life), or am i better off shifting the terrain under the building. For this exercise I've done it both ways, and while both are easy tasks and seem to work without issue, I am getting slightly different results in how the slope lot 'hits' the building. The 'Subfloor above terrain' dimension isn't changing in the dialogue box. Any thoughts? thanks, Skip X14
  2. Hi All, Is it possibe to copy terrain from one plan to another? Along with elevation data, features, etc.? thanks Skip
  3. Hi, Is there a simple (ie, automatic) method of creating an open stair case that has a low curb in liue of open end treads? The ballusters would to to the top of the sloped curb rather than the stair treads themselves. In the image below I cut & shaped the wall but I imagine there's a better approach that would show it correctly, including the ballusters, railing and newel. thanks in advance, Skip Marcille -
  4. Final solution - Eric had it. Set ceiling height to default height. easy & fixed. thank you Eric, Ryan and Mick - appreciate the help. George
  5. Thanks for all the suggestions. I haven't tried them yet but I'm optimistic they'll work. Mick, Thanks for the heads up on software. We do have the SSA but we're still on 13 here because I have 4 licenses/users and not all our computers can handle the upgrade yet. We'll get there. Best, George
  6. Thanks, but no luck. I had tried editing the wall layers but that didn't work. I also tried extending my intended wall on the 2nd floor, but in plan, when selected it shows as one continous wall. I also tried manipulating it in different ways in elevation but it keeps re-generating as an auto wall. I can delete it but the program won't allow me to maually extend/alter the the adjacent or below wall to fill in the hole. There must be something I'm missing.
  7. Hi All, I've been tolerating this for a long time since it's a minor annoyance but I'd love to resolve it. On the gable end of this house, like all others I draw, there is a line that shows that aligns with the interior knee wall, which separates the living area from the attic/eve space. I don't know why this line appears. thoughts? The plan is uploaded as well, thanks & Merry Christmas! Skip 734900330_Marcille-Existing.plan
  8. Thanks David, I really appreciate it! I have no idea how that drywall got on the exterior wall; I didn't eye drop anything. Nevertheless, you figured it out and I am grateful. Hope you're well. Best, George
  9. Good Morning I cannot, for the life of me, figure out why these two exterior walls aren't showing correctly. I even removed that lower foundation section w/ the slab thinking maybe that was confusing the program ... no luck. I'm sure it's something incredible simple. File attached for anyone who miight be able to help. Thank you, Skip X13 Marcille - Existing.plan
  10. Hi All, I'm looking for suggestions on how to illustrate a bump-out window. This would be similar to a 'box bay' but without the side windows. I realize using the box bay I can delete the side windows but am having difficulty add more than one window on the outer side. I've tried using a pony wall and defining the upper thicker ... that works okay but the floor assembly pierces the lower wall too align with the upper frame line ... not good. These are pretty common windows solutions so i have to believe there's a better way. Any/all suggestions are appreciated. thanks, Skip
  11. Eric, why woudl I do a CAD detail from view? I just draw the polyline over the camera view and get same result, correct? Am I missing something? My question is if it's possible to convert the wall polyline to a CAD polyline in the same manner it can be done if plan view when a room is selected. If not, perhaps this is a 'Wish List' item. thanks, George
  12. Signature correct, done, thanks.
  13. Hi All, Not sure if this is possible but thought I'd ask .... Using an exterior 2D elevation, click on the wall and it outlines the wall with a polyine. I'd like to be able to convert that polyine to a 'simple CAD' polyine so that I can manipulate it and be able to open a dialogue box that provides area and perimeter information. As it is, it appears that all the 'handles' on the polyline adjust the wall itself, which Iunderstand why. It would be great if I could click a box and convert it to a CAD polyine and manipulate it w/out changing the underlying wall. thoughts, Thanks, George X13