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  1. BigKahuna


  2. BigKahuna

    recomended video card

    Reading a lot of good things about the new Invidia RTX 3000 series as well. Its release got pushed back somewhat it seems but seen some reports of it coming out in aug / sept range. Supposed to be much faster.
  3. BigKahuna


    when I clicked on it there was like an invisible attic wall? above the roof line in front of where the stud wall was showing through. Once I clicked on it the user grips were highlighted and I could simply delete it. Not sure why the wall ever generated but I am less than an expert on rooflines heres a few pictures of the project
  4. BigKahuna


    wow thanks for the quick answers... as soon as I Posted I thought of a reason for the problem and it worked.. I tried to delete the post but couldnt
  5. BigKahuna


    Any idea what is causing this wall to keep showing through the elevation ? sorry figured it out.. couldn't delete post.
  6. BigKahuna

    Chief Architect X12

    Thanks Brian, I appreciate the help / advice. I believe that is what my IT friend was saying. My only concern had been resetting it for all or if its possible to reset it just for Chief. Resetting all it says may allow other programs to possibly crash more. I usually only have any problem with Autocadd locking up but I have backups and can restart that pretty easily if and when it happens.. resetting it hopefully will be the answer. Thanks again
  7. BigKahuna

    Chief Architect X12

    by resetting the FTH do you mean turning it off for the chief application ? While not affecting other programs? I am getting this error and it takes 20 or so seconds to complete every damn command and is making Chief basically useless. I have read the article and it says shutting it off it says it can cause problems to turn it off. An IT friend of mine is saying same thing to me but mentioned resetting the I am hoping that may be an answer ?
  8. BigKahuna

    First project w/ X12

    Thanks Mike. It has to go to city council first to be approved for teardown of the existing old house first. If approved then we will fine tune the design.
  9. BigKahuna

    First project w/ X12

    Just a quick few exterior shots of a preliminary design in various colors and details for a narrow lot tear down/ new build study !
  10. BigKahuna

    Laptop vs desktop

    Mick When you refer to undoing windows updates I assume you are referring to the locking up ? I intend on checking with tech support soon but have yet to do so. Maybe they can give some insight. As I noted it hadn't always happened I seem to have notice it starting maybe 2-3 months ago. Im not an every day user and do my CDs in Autocadd. If I was doing cds I would most definitely do 2 different models without all the extra stuff. I just cant get comfortable with Chief for CDs. I may try it on my own home in the next year as a test. Thanks for the tip on windows
  11. BigKahuna

    Laptop vs desktop

    Thanks Mark, I had a hunch the SU models were a bit larger as that's when I seem to notice the biggest slowdown. But I also tend to add a lot of plants on models as I use them for presentation with client not CD's. I have the 17" alienware so I can relate to size and weight...That's never been my issue as its no big deal to carry in bag. Heat hasn't seemed bad either..I am only frustrated by the slowing of the program on these projects.
  12. BigKahuna

    Laptop vs desktop

    Thanks Larry, I was afraid that was the issue with plants etc and models. I usually do most of that after the main house is done to reduce lag time. just wasn't sure if I was unusual with this problem or if having 32GB vs 16GB of Ram was a dramatic imrovement as the program gets more complex.
  13. BigKahuna

    Laptop vs desktop

    Ok I have an Alienware 17, Intel I7 2.6 GHz, 16GB ram, GeForce GTX980M Video card. Its a gaming laptop and I bought it assuming it would more than handle Chief. Its fine when I first start a project but when model gets landscaping and some furniture etc every command takes 2-5 seconds then same for model regeneration etc. This has become very frustrating. Also having lately an issue with plan locking up after closing camera views. Started a few months back in X10 and I thought X11 would fix it but seeing same issue ( also noted in another thread someone else is having same issue). Many of the models I use are imported from 3D warehouse. Are these models more of an issue slowing computer than those in Chief's library? I know a desktop usually gives you more computing power for the money than a laptop but is there any benefits to a desktop vs laptop? Am I unusual with this speed issue? I assume heat issue might be better with desktop since its not as compact / tight. Not sure if its simply a RAM issue ? I did just upgrade the GeForce driver as I saw some other suggest making sure its current on another thread. Just debating whether to buy desktop and get more ram etc would be a better fit and use laptop more for presentations / meetings etc Thoughts? Thanks for any imput
  14. BigKahuna

    Cannot select after camera view closes

    I am having similar / same issue. I also have issues with material selections locking up after closing. It seems to have started a few months ago for me in VS X10. I thought it might have been an X10 issue but having same in X11 it seems.
  15. BigKahuna

    VIDEO Lesson: Brick Sills in X11

    the real question is 21 versions in why the heck doesn't Chief have a simple brick sill and header option built in with a few options for sill profiles.. this is insane to have to do !