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  1. scottharris's post in twinmotion was marked as the answer   
    With a computer that supports real-time ray tracing (GPU), you can make renderings in seconds – of course that is after you build, decorate, and light your model.  If your computer does not support real-time ray tracing (GPU), you can use the CPU; it takes minutes to hours for a render.  Attached are two GPU render examples and one CPU of the latest Chief Architect X15 Silverton Sample Plan.
    Chief Architect models can be exported to external renders - like Twinmotion, and achieve additional fidelity with the renders.

  2. scottharris's post in Driveway and terrain was marked as the answer   
    Levina - I opened your plan and took a 3D view.  I'm seeing terrain.  

  3. scottharris's post in Creating samples on cover sheet was marked as the answer   
    Attached is a simplified “materials & objects” plan (X15) I use for each of my projects.  I bring this forward into each new project and then update it to reflect the materials or other items (like cabinets, islands or vanities) I want to render out for layouts or just to render the individual object.  The cameras are saved to make it relatively easy to update and obtain the view I’m after.  Hope this helps.
  4. scottharris's post in Best Practices Question was marked as the answer   
    Drawing exterior walls clockwise can keep the outside layer on the outside.  If you draw them counterclockwise, once a room is formed, the walls will auto adjust to the outside.  So, it may not really matter which way you draw them. 
  5. scottharris's post in Gable End Windows Only Show Window Frame was marked as the answer   
    If you change your wall structure from 'balloon through ceiling above' to 'automatic' the windows seem to work fine.

  6. scottharris's post in Edit Schedule Category was marked as the answer   
    You can manage your note information in "Note Type Management" via your CAD > Text menu.
  7. scottharris's post in How to add drywall to part of an exterior wall? was marked as the answer   
    The ‘lower wall type if split by butting roof’ tool you mention is available in Home Designer Pro and Chief Architect Premier/Interiors.  For your work around, you might try a section view, use the backsplash tool, reshape, and paint it.
  8. scottharris's post in Will Chief run native on M1 Mac? was marked as the answer   
    The Mac M1 computers now run with Chief Architect X13.
  9. scottharris's post in Wall Niche was marked as the answer   
    Charlene, raise the elevation and thickness of your p. solid; BTW, I usually draw these in an elevation view to avoid figuring out the dimensions for the elevation.