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  1. Attached is a simplified “materials & objects” plan (X15) I use for each of my projects. I bring this forward into each new project and then update it to reflect the materials or other items (like cabinets, islands or vanities) I want to render out for layouts or just to render the individual object. The cameras are saved to make it relatively easy to update and obtain the view I’m after. Hope this helps.
  2. Have you downloaded the “Vehicles No.1 Recreation” catalog?
  3. Does this get close? It's a CAD Detail in the our sample plan (Silverton)
  4. If you are after a ledger where the wall rests on the concrete stem wall, you can do that with a Pony Wall. were the upper wall is 6" wide (12" high) and the lower wall is 8" wide and the remainder of the height. This way your floor truss can rest on the concrete. You will likely need to manually place the plate or a CAD box for the plate. This example below is using a stick frame wall.
  5. You can take a wall elevation, and then remove the option "clip to room"; then drag the clip lines to encompass all the rooms. See attached example of two rooms
  6. For exterior renderings, I have found better results using the CPU raytrace v. PBR.
  7. You could use the "edit CAD block" tool and resize it.
  8. Annaleisa, does this setting work?
  9. Costco often has good buys on Lenovo laptops. We often buy from there. I noticed there’s a 4060 version for $1,699
  10. Drawing exterior walls clockwise can keep the outside layer on the outside. If you draw them counterclockwise, once a room is formed, the walls will auto adjust to the outside. So, it may not really matter which way you draw them.
  11. What if you set your schedule’s minimum number of rows to One, does that solve it ?
  12. Here's a better view with a shapped top on the divider. The divider was created using the solid tools.
  13. To create the divider drawer box, create it using solids; or, place a drawer box from the Library ("cabinet specialty storage" / Rev-A-Shelf library), use the solid tool / partition tool, convert that grouping to a millwork symbol – and you should have what you need.
  14. There is no advantage to the method I used above IF you are using an existing Library item. If you are creating your own, say with solids, then you would want to use that approach as I did below on the drawer divider box.
  15. You can replace the drawer with a drawer symbol as @DBCooper suggests. You can find some in the Rev-A-Shelf library, resize it; export it as a symbol – choose the category ‘millwork’. This will add the item back into your catalog. From there you can swap it out as the drawer box. Here’s a closet video on that process
  16. For the most part I now use the PBR raytracing since it's fast and easier on my laptop. Can this GPU raytracing replace your need for CPU raytracing?
  17. When I looked at your plan, and then your saved section - I edited that floor truss via the CAD Detail (removing the cross members). Made a copy and it retained the edits. Is that what you are after? This was a simple edit where the truss was the same length. More extensive edits would be required as the truss lengthens or has other changes.
  18. @NeptuneKandB welcome to chief! We have a free introductory training course that’s available on-demand it might be a good resource. As your user handle may imply, you might also look at our Kitchen & Bath course and/or the free videos in the 'Cabinets, Kitchens & Baths’ playlist
  19. Angela, those fire images are materials and have a transparency that do not show up in PBR views. I will typically put a thin 3D solid where the fire is located and paint it with the fire image material – like below. For a large fireplace like this one, I may use several 3D solids to make sure I have a good distribution of the fire. I’ll post both the vector and PBR to illustrate.
  20. There are several more in the "Door Hardware" bonus catalogs in the 3D Library
  21. If you change your wall structure from 'balloon through ceiling above' to 'automatic' the windows seem to work fine.
  22. You can manage your note information in "Note Type Management" via your CAD > Text menu.
  23. Gene, you can find that plan "Silverton" in the samples gallery.
  24. Michael, the 'cap live samples' will stop the rendering passes after it reaches your export number. Typically 30 is a good export number; but the higher the passes the better up to a point of diminishing returns. Here’s the info from help: When Cap Live Samples is unchecked, a GPU Ray Traced view will run samples indefinitely. Check this box to instead stop running samples when the Maximum Export Samples value is reached.
  25. In the PBR Camera settings, check your 'max export samples'. I typically set mine at 30 (not 1,000+). Also check 'cap live samples'.