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  1. Your default ceiling height for the foundation was set at 20”. I changed the default to 96”; then on one side it appears you wanted a crawl space? I changed those rooms to a ~42” ceiling – and set them to NOT have a floor. In an elevation view, I used the wall break tool and adjusted those walls upward. Hope that helps.
  2. Michael, X16 will be released today (June 25) around noon PT.
  3. Sounds like you created a new saved plan view; now you need to create the layer set and the default settings associated with it. See if this video helps:
  4. Elliot, there is a bonus modern fireplace catalog on the 3D Library. You can also make your own fireplace using the 3D solid tools. This render below is from the Saguaro sample plan made with 3D solids.
  5. Here's a benchmark graph Ryan mentions
  6. Gene, if open the sample plan, look in the CAD details and you will find that flashing.
  7. Here's a video on Apron sinks
  8. Here's a video that may help
  9. You can select the specific members to exclude from the schedule by unselecting “Include in Schedule”. This will turn off automatic framing however.
  10. This issue should be resolved in X16 (due out end of Q2 2024)
  11. Trees/plants will be visible through glass when using physically based ray trace in version X16 when you set the plants to NOT rotate with the camera. (X16 is planned for release in late Q2 2024)
  12. If you use the Material Painter in component mode, you should be able to paint the riser.
  13. We are adding the ability to move newel posts in X16 (due out in late Q2). They can be repositioned with in the railing using a new move tool found in the edit toolbar or by clicking on the newel and pressing the tab key. Here’s a brief video. Deck-Newel.mp4
  14. There’s a video on shower walls. Skip to 5:15 to see the frame glass option.
  15. The private beta is in process and will be opening to more people. We'll post a new thread soon on the specifics. You can request to be on the list by sending an email to beta@
  16. Michael, here’s a version of the Bachelor View kitchen with raytracing - no real changes out of the box on this sample plan. If you are using a Mac on X15, RTRT is not supported. Hopefully RTRT will be supported on Mac in the next version or two.
  17. Rachel, if plot lines and changing the layer weights is not working for you, perhaps call in to our tech dept and see if they can help.
  18. Rachel, are you sending your views to layout as 'live views' or 'plot lines'? Live Views are fast and look 'okay' and can be used for watercolor and other styles. Plot Lines will give a crisper view and you can adjust your line weights by layer.
  19. It should not matter which floor the terrain is on. To remove the terrain below those decks, you use a terrain hole as noted by Mark. If that does not work, perhaps sketch a picture of what you are after.
  20. Rob, see if this setting on your dimension extensions works.
  21. Sometimes at 3-way wall intersections, the wall layers compete. The ‘edit wall layer intersections’ tool or marking one of the exterior walls as ‘through at end or start’ can fix it – not always. In this case, you can use a wall type of ‘partition’ for your invisible wall; it does not cut the layers of opposing walls (like glass shower walls). I made a copy of your “Lean to Wall”, marked it as a partition, and it looks to work. Try it out.