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  1. Chief16Designer

    Comm. Outlets... what're you guys showing these days?

    Fiber-Optics must have all 4 some people still using DSL it does not cost a lot more to ad phone wire and RG 6 probably under $200 but Cat 6 and Fiber- Optics must have my 2 cents
  2. Chief16Designer

    Comm. Outlets... what're you guys showing these days?

    For my house I run all 3 in the same box phone wire , RG6 and cat 6 for clients its up to them
  3. Chief16Designer

    second floor deck

    Check if it is a closed room all rails , walls connected
  4. Chief16Designer

    Need chief 10 3rd disc

    V10 or X10?
  5. Chief16Designer

    Needing Help with deck/Balcony supports

    Or you can copy and paste the rail from the 2nd floor to first floor and have post go up to the beam
  6. Chief16Designer

    Exterior Glass Pocket

    Open door dbx options click 3 or 4 panels
  7. Chief16Designer

    Raised window box

    Make it a room or post the plan
  8. Chief16Designer

    Shrinking house

    I was hoping there is a way like a zoom in or zoom out thank you for the response +1
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  10. Chief16Designer

    cad Mask

    Move to front
  11. Chief16Designer

    Vents, special (Fire, Freeze, etc)

    What do you use for both? Wild Fire Requirements" as well as mountain areas for freezing temperatures thanks in advance