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  1. You weren't using Universal Control when that was happening by any chance? I was freezing, crashing and burning until I realized CA doesn't like Universal Control (using same mouse and keyboard on two computers at the same time.)
  2. Uncheck "Framing" on the Drywall layer.
  3. I set the sun to 1000 Lux, the camera exposure to 0.2, and emissive to 150. May still not be want you really want, but.... Another approach might involve Photoshop, but that would bring its own set of variables.
  4. You could try changing the material properties to "General Material" and adjusting the "emissive" setting.
  5. No matter what I do, the grain does not obey. Is there a secret to making the grain reflect reality?
  6. Don't have an M1 or M2. I also cannot ray trace interior without crashing my system. I don't ray trace at all so I have no idea how long it's been this way. Just tested for this thread.
  7. You can sign up and use Sketchup on-line for free. Download the model; open and modify in SU; download the result. Pretty easy.
  8. My auto elevation dimensions don't seem to respond to any directive in the default settings dialog.
  9. The "stall" or "freeze" happens most commonly in a camera view for some users. I'm learning how to move around, in and out, without my scroll wheel, which seems to be the kiss of death. If you have the "right" computer, everything seems to work smooth and reliably. If you have the wrong computer, X14 can be very painful, in spite of all the wonderful new features and improvements. The gurus can't duplicate the "bog-down" because they have the "right" computers. So, some of us are just stuck until the upgrade fairy turns up.
  10. I think it's normal. For me, any part of the walls shows in elevation, and joists, beams and rafters show in plan.
  11. You can select the polyline and the grid fill and create a block. However, if you "un-block, the fill pattern will revert. Alternatively, you can move the fill pattern with the "Offset and Angle" values, but that won't lock to the polyline.
  12. Thank you! Great tip. Kept putting this off till now.
  13. Delete the string and re-do? Sometimes fixes quirks.
  14. Yes, same problem for me.
  15. Solver used the "Porch" room, which will do what you want, and as Glenn points out, don't use "Garage". When you get it the way you'd like, change the "Porch" configuration in Default Settings>Floors and Rooms>Room Types>Porch in your Plan Template and you'll be good to go.
  16. Thank you, Chop! I just needed a refresher, and voila!
  17. Build>Roof>Edit all Roof planes>Structure>Roof Layers>Structure>Select your rafter material (Color-Brite) and tick ON "Framing" option. Then click OK. Then tick on "Build Roof Framing". Then OK.