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  1. DG1949

    Print layout on different size paper

    On Page 0, select all the boxes, text, etc., and then select Transform/Replicate and Resize by a factor of .472. Should be very close to fitting on the new 11x17 sheet. Then just save as a new template.
  2. how to modify my concrete stairs?

  3. DG1949

    Cant see the stairs

    In Plan View (2d), verify that your stairs on on the layer "Stairs & Ramps" and that Disp (display) for that layer is checked. Next, verify that you are on the floor level on which you created the stairs. In other words, if you want the stairs to go from Level 1 to Level 2, make sure you are currently on Level 1. They will not appear on Level 2 until you create a "Stairwell" that creates a framed opening through the ceiling. Also, you must have a "floor" on the second level--not just the "attic". Hope this helps!
  4. DG1949

    Where are the old doors

    Do you have Catalog Downloads>Doors #4 Commercial and Industrial?
  5. DG1949

    Exporting My files DWG

    Looks great!
  6. DG1949

    2020 Macs & graphics cards

    I hope Apple® wakes up. Not going back to PC and Windows for ANY reason.
  7. DG1949

    Catalog flood vent

    Core Catalog>Mechanical, Electrical,Plumbing>Foundation Vents. May not be perfect, but at least a start?
  8. DG1949


    It is a little awkward because they've moved stuff around. The tools and settings seem pretty much the same once you find where they've been moved to, but for me at least, it all works faster and smoother.
  9. DG1949


    Yes, it is. And, seems to be working faster and smoother than the 2019 version.
  10. DG1949

    Sloping exterior soffits

    Could it be done with a Frieze Profile?
  11. DG1949

    Thick Exterior wall with Recessed Door

    What you might try is to uncheck it again and tinker with the Jamb "Depth" and "Inset" values to see if you can get what you want.
  12. DG1949

    how can i down load chief training video's

    When I load a video (Safari), I can right-click and save, so it makes me think it's not necessarily CA that's behind the issue.
  13. DG1949

    Thick Exterior wall with Recessed Door

    Do you have Jamb>Fit Jamb to Wall checked?
  14. DG1949

    Where can I find a slipper style tub with no feet?

    Kohler® "Veil"K-8331, from their catalog?
  15. DG1949

    Polyline solid problem in X12

    Wow! Thank you Michael!