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  1. Hi Kate, If you open "as-built" plan and File>Import>Import Saved Plan Views, and import the views that are in "remodeled" plan, you should at least wind up with matching views in both files.
  2. Back again, Kyle. Had a chance to test my Mac system this morning. Someone else suggested creating a PDF through the System Print dialog, so I tried it, and when you create it there (using Preview as the "Printer"), the resultant PDF prints as it's supposed to. So now, it seems to me that the problem resides in the "Chief Architect Save As PDF" function. For whatever reason, Acrobat is just "immune" to the problem, but Preview is not.
  3. For me, it started with X13. But macOS has also updated (before I noticed the problem.) I get a black page when I print the OP's PDF out of Preview, but it prints fine with Adobe Acrobat. I've never encountered this until X13. This makes me think the issue is with Preview AND X13, but it certainly can't be X13 by itself, or else Acrobat wouldn't work either.
  4. Oops. Sorry Steve, I use point to point, not "manual" as I stated, and yes, I have exactly the same experience that you show in the video.
  5. I'm on Mac too and I find that if the layer "Walls, Foundation" is on, you can snap manual dimensions to the footings. When I'm done, I just turn off "Walls, Foundation", and have the result I want.
  6. Possibly search for "Using Style Palettes". Maybe a good place to start.
  7. Would it be possible using System Restore?
  8. Yes, "Suppress Wall Widths" IS checked. That was the problem all along. I don't remember ticking that box and I don't know how to change it for that particular Dimension Set, but at least I can fix it now by creating a new Set. Thank you Glen!!! I hope the OP sees this too.
  9. Well, thank you, Dermot and Alan. It must be something I wired incorrectly. I think I have the same Pref settings, and the string is finding the framing lines, but it won't display the wall width dimensions. It must be some tweak that I gave it that has come back to haunt me. I'll keep looking. TY!!!
  10. This question has been asked before, and I believe the answer is that you can't do it with the end-to-end or any auto dimensions. You can do it with a manual dimension, but only by manually dragging the little diamond modifier to the desired target. Having the little 3-1/2" (5-1/2") framing notations are very much appreciated by the framers actually building the building, but alas, no joy. X12 is painless and well worth it when you get a breather.
  11. I don't think so. The "Master List" feature is pretty good, though Punch in a cost for a sheet of plywood for instance, and then add it to your Master List Then you can add it back in to any new list you create.
  12. Sometimes, if you drop the symbol into the plan (not in a cabinet, yet) you can access the Object Information field. Then place it in the cabinet. Worth a try.
  13. If you find a way, please let us know. Even in the "residential" realm where an Arch. stamp may not be required, the place to begin is with your Insurance Agent, as the current fashion seems to be not covering liability for anyone without a "stamp".
  14. On Page 0, select all the boxes, text, etc., and then select Transform/Replicate and Resize by a factor of .472. Should be very close to fitting on the new 11x17 sheet. Then just save as a new template.
  15. how to modify my concrete stairs?

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