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  1. DG1949

    Perspective Crop tool still works in X12...

    Thank you very much!
  2. DG1949

    Perspective Crop tool still works in X12...

    Does that even still exist? I searched high and low, and finally gave up looking for it.
  3. DG1949

    Blinds between glass

    In the Door DBX, General, Door Style Pulldown Box, look for "louvered". The "blinds" are closed, but it achieves the effect.
  4. DG1949

    Changing Layer Set challenge in x12?

    Actually it's easier than ever before. In your toolbars, look for the Active Layer Set Control (Small scrollable window), usually right beside the active scale annotation window.
  5. I would check with your insurance agent, and have your client check with their insurance agent.
  6. DG1949

    Casing on Door Bottom

    In the Door Specification DBX, do you have the "Finished Floor to Bottom" set to 0"?
  7. DG1949

    Auto Foundation delete finished floor

    I thought for quite a while that I had screwed up some setting and couldn't find a way to fix it.
  8. DG1949

    24" MONO SLAB

  9. DG1949

    Auto Foundation delete finished floor

    What you might try, to see if it works for you, is to delete the finish floor material in the Floor 1 defaults. Then re-build (and set to auto-rebuild) the foundation, and the finish should disappear. But then you will have to manually add the finish to Floor 1 and any other additional floors. The finish floor of "Floor 0" (which can be set to "auto re-build") actually follows the directive of the Floor 1(which does not "auto-rebuild") floor finish.
  10. DG1949

    Plan is locked up. Any hints as to why?

    Are we sure the wall didn't create the doors while no one was looking?
  11. DG1949

    Existing barn to residence

    A lot of work that needs to be done, but the existing barn is in the way. Mick's suggestion is best.
  12. DG1949

    Plan is locked up. Any hints as to why?

    It's probably just a fluke, but every time I tried to do anything to the wall between the Master Bedroom and the chimney > crash and burn. I deleted that wall and rebuilt and all seemed right again. Worth looking at all the interior walls in that location, or maybe even deleting them all and re-doing.
  13. DG1949

    Plan is locked up. Any hints as to why?

    I would try to get the survey PDF out of the picture, maybe. I gave up on including PDFs in plan files because of slow down issues. Also, the SUV parked at the door.
  14. DG1949

    basement floor level dimensions

    A lot of builders think from the foundation up because that's what gets done first, but the building drives what happens with the foundation so it's probably better to just go with Chief's flow.
  15. DG1949

    tapping out after a couple days

    How about a small "transition" room (similar to a breezeway), and then a separate roof altogether.