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  1. Out of curiosity, does this happen on both of your Macs?
  2. DG1949

    Wall Area

    One way would be to select the walls you want, and create a materials list from the "selection". The "Siding" category should give the square footage, and it doesn't include windows or doors.
  3. Manufacturer Catalogs>Clopay® Garage Doors>Modern Steel Collection>Modern Steel-Flush, Window.
  4. With a reduced gable truss, you could still assemble on the ground and fly it right over the gable truss. Necessary in snow load country, if not in AL.
  5. Using a pony wall might simplify creating the stone cap on top of the stone veneer.
  6. Yes. But I forgot that "volume" was not yet an option in the room schedule in X12. My apologies. However, it is weird that your Interior Area (Sq Ft) is not calculating.
  7. Thank you Steve. Very informative.
  8. If you change to "interior dimensions" in your schedule, instead of "standard dimensions", it may help. I think the "volume" calculation uses interior numbers.
  9. Showplace Wood Products® Library. Style "Pendleton II". Just use the door for the drawer.
  10. Do you have the foundation set to rebuild?
  11. Agreed. Very limited. Twinmotion? e-on Plant Catalog?
  12. Maybe a wall layer that is designated as "framing" that shouldn't be?
  13. Maybe select the wall and hit the "reverse layers" button on the edit bar.