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  1. Are there any out there available for download? The version from Chief needs a lot of customization to look decent?
  2. HI all, Humblechief - nothing, told me they had heard many complaints with the roof operation, said I had to wait 2 weeks for their next update to the software? Told me to update my video card drivers........not helpful at all! Rosco2017 - What did you update besides your video card drivers?
  3. If i touch anything (objects ect) connected the the roofs, the software freezes
  4. I have not. The software is completely freezing up, will only do simple stuff, anytime it has to access the library or object info it freezes.....
  5. How do I upload my plan onto this? I am new to this and I am sure my installation of the roofs has caused all of my problems....newbie issues I'm sure.
  6. I think the plan is posted as 9284 Stellars way
  7. This only started once I threw the roofs on last night?
  8. nope, everything is frozen.....all I have is a blue spinning cursor
  9. Can anyone help me on this? I am using x11 and now that my model is 75% done, whenever I manipulate the roof in Perspective full overview my computer slows down and I cannot use the software for 15-20 mins while it spins its wheels....thanks for you help!
  10. I'm looking for someone to tune up my basic plans (and take them to the next level) while I learn (struggle) the finer points to x11. Little issues are killing me right now! First time user of chief.....
  11. trying to get a friend's help who uses x10
  12. How do I back save to x10 from x11É