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  1. Thanks for all the help. I got it! Thanks again.
  2. I would think with auto roof on that when I create the bay window on the first floor it would auto create the roof over the Bay window for me without going up to the second floor? But thanks for your help!
  3. There must be an easy way to do this? With auto BayWindow.
  4. Thanks for the reply but what video should I watch? Thanks
  5. When creating a Bay Window I don't know why it extends it to the second floor, I only want it on the first floor? I want it like this pict. But it keeps giving me this: Can any one help? I have attached photos
  6. I'm trying to figure out how to convert a room outline to CAD lines so I can import those CAD lines into another 3D program. I want the Grey area outline to convert to CAD lines and export those CAD Lines. Thanks
  7. Thanks I finally found it. After downloading a bunch of catalogs. Wish the search in the 3d library was a little better. Thanks to all!
  8. you would think a search in the 3D library would pull that info. But I guess that would be too easy.
  9. Not sure why you refuse to just tell me the catalog? I have downloaded 8 already with no luck. Thanks anyway
  10. Is there a way to do it with one click or do I have to individually download each one. Playing the guessing game! Thanks
  11. Could anyone tell me what catalog (River Rock) Materials is located in? The included pict is what I'm looking for not what I have. I have been searching for 2 hrs.
  12. Downloaded but that's not it. Could you show me the hierarchy of the folder shown in this image:
  13. I have been there. I do a search for "River Rock". Nothing! Do I have to download every catalog? You would think the search for "River Rock" would pull something? Could you direct me to the catalog that has that folder "River Rock" So I don't have to download every catalog? Thanks
  14. You may be misunderstanding me? I'm looking for the "material" River rocks Folder. That you showed me in your Pict. I need a wide selection of "River Rocks" (Material) I know how to create the beds. The folder with the surface materials (River / Rocks) You see that you have a folder with many selections for "River Rocks" My folder I have 2 selections for river rocks. Where can I get the folder that you are showing. Thanks