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  1. I am an Interior Designer based out of Newport Beach. I am looking for an assistant part time that is proficient in Chief Architect. Experience in construction or cabinetry work is helpful but not necessary. Flexible work arrangement, have office but can work from home. Susan Thiel Design
  2. sthieldesign

    Stair/Railing Question

    Thank you!
  3. sthieldesign

    Stair/Railing Question

    Need Stair Help: I am having a double stair railing show up on my plan. How do I fix this? Attached is a picture showing the issue When I delete the left railing on a portion of the stairs is takes all the railing away. Chief X12 Windows
  4. sthieldesign

    Angled Ceiling Lighting Help

    Thank you!
  5. sthieldesign

    Angled Ceiling Lighting Help

    How do I get pendants to hang straight on an angled ceiling?
  6. I am looking for a Freelance Drafter that has experience with Southern California Remodeling Permit Sets. I will have the floor plans just need help with layout and codes. Southern California Preferred
  7. sthieldesign

    Garden Window Help

    How do you create a Garden Window? There is glass on all sides and is a component attached to house not framed out. Trant_Plan.plan
  8. sthieldesign

    Garden Window

    ok thank you
  9. sthieldesign

    Garden Window

    How do you create a garden window? I see the box window but the garden window just attaches to house and has glass on all sides. Any help is appreciated! X11 Trant Plan.plan
  10. Visited your website, and wow, what a wonderful airy feeling.  I really like it.

  11. sthieldesign

    Corner Sliding Door System

    Thanks so much for all your help!
  12. sthieldesign

    Corner Sliding Door System

    Thank you! These are so popular wish Chief had a better solution.
  13. sthieldesign

    Corner Sliding Door System

    How do I create a large sliding door with a corner system no post? I can find window training videos but nothing about the sliding doors. Any direction is helpful! Thank you Chief X11 Shoal Exterior 052319.plan
  14. sthieldesign

    Second Floor Balcony Need Help

    I was hoping someone could help me understand why my balcony wont hit the bottom of the french doors on this plan? If I create a porch it creates posts that I don't need. I placed the support posts using Slab Tool. Also for some reason my terrain walls wont show up as I draw them? Susan Chief X11 User Shoal Exterior Model 052119.plan
  15. sthieldesign

    Need Roof Help x11

    Thank you I found someone that will work on the file for me. I appreciate your imput!