Printing Plans And Scale Issues


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Good morning everyone, I am hopping someone can help me.

I have 3 drawings I need printed, (Site, interior existing & Interior proposed) on 24X36 paper size.

I am trying to get the all to print at 1/4 Inch to scale,

But when I save as a PDF and then go to the copy shop and print, They do not scale out at 1/4 inch.

I am pulling my hair out over this, I even went back into my files this morning and checked to be sure the drawing size paper is set at 24X36

And still I am having problems. I have attached my drawings for you to see

Any suggestions ?





Nobusada-Flynn Existing floor plan1-Floor Plan.pdf

Nobusada-Flynn Existing floor plan-Floor Plan.pdf

Nobusa-Flynn Site PlanFinal-Floor Plan.pdf

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Is there any reason why you're not sending your plan to layout and then converting PDF's from that (with title block etc...)?...


In the print DBX are you selecting your drawing scale to "To Scale: 1/4 in = 1ft"?


When the printing company is printing the PDF's are they possibly printing them "To Fit" and not "Actual Size"?...


There are quite a few possibilities, these are just a couple questions to find out where the problem is.

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No I am not using Layout,

I have been trying to work on a templete for layout sheets, But haven't had a chance to do them yet, I have been saving my plans as a PDF

I did send my site sheet attached to layout, But it showed it as a small drawing right in the center of the sheet.

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You can create a scaled PDF from the floor plan, you just have to make sure you select "To Scale" in the Drawing Scale section.


Also beware, that when you change the Drawing Scale you might have to reselect Arch D paper.


See attached.


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Even when actual size was selected it doesn't print to scale...I think the problem is it's not being sent to PDF to scale.


There were no dimensions, so it's hard to know for sure, but I measured a few of the base cabinets and they were off by about 1'.

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The PDF paper size of your files is 24"x18". So whatever the problem is, the output paper size is incorrect and when printed at 24x36 will not scale properly.

Make sure File>Print>Drawing Sheet Setup is correct:


And when you print to PDF make sure File>Print>Print>Save as PDF has the correct sheet size selected:


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