Radiused Concrete Steps


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I am trying to create concrete steps both curved & straight attached together.

My first thought was to do a section view, create a face & extrude along a path like I would do in ACAD.

But I don;t see a way to do that in Chief.


How would you do this task.


Working in X8 so no plan to attach, sorry.




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Molding, I forgot about that option.


I was trying to do one solid with an extrude operation but no way to do it with a path object i guess.


I've done straight stair with  a solid but editing it if the heights change is impossible I think.


Yes, radius-ed stair would be nice but I remember a thread not too long ago on a deck where only segments were doable.


I'll try the molding approach. At least it can be edited.



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The way I most often do this type thing is to create the original solid first, and then do a series of subtractions as needed.  I used to even radius the edges of the form, but that does not show very well in vector camera views.


Other than that, why not just create it in AC and then import it as a symbol?

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