Full Barrel House (no idea how to make barrel floor)


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I want to design a large barrel (think oversized wine cask, lying down) as a "house" with suitable interior and exterior.

I have attached pictures of a comparable project (mine would have different interior but maybe similar shape) also for clarification.


Unfortunately, being completely new to Chief Architect, I find it very hard to find out how to get started creating even the basic outdoor structure (the round walls, or rather a curved ceiling and floor that touch directly).


I have found that I can do a 1/2 barrel ceiling but this feature needs a normal room (i.e. straight walls) to connect to and anyway only gives me the upper half of the house, while I still need another half barrel to have the lower half.


Could you give me a few pointers that could help me at least getting started? I think once I have the (normally relatively simple) basic structure of the barrel set up, I might be able to figure other things out using the instructions on the support pages.


Completely lost at the moment and hopeful for help,





Chief Architect Premier X7 Build

Windows 8.1



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Wow, Rich, you put this together so quickly? Impressive!


I have looked into basic shapes and managed to build a cylinder, turn it 90° and remove its front "cover" to see inside. However, I'm lost from there. The back "wall" won't accept any windows and I also seem unable to make the wood "thick" like in your model (as compared to mine where the shape seems to be made of paper).


Do you have any videos or step-by-step instructions where I could learn to work with basic shaped and the solid subtraction you mentioned?


I'm coming from SketchUp, having found Chief Architect in my quest for a software that allows both versatility, polished looks and reasonably quick results, so I'm not above building the benches and interior etc. by hand once I know how to go about that.


But I reckon I need to somehow learn how to do that and become proficient in my use of those tools and unfortunately the videos in the support section seem mostly geared more towards "standard" architecture situations.


So any pointers you could give me, especially videos or instructions I could use to quickly familiarize myself with the basic tools for non-standard, custom designing, would be very welcome!


Thanks very much,



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I've done that Barrel Sauna previously in Chief basically the same way Rich did.  It's not going to use Chief Walls, Doors & Windows.


Since you know how to use SketchUp, you might want to consider doing it in SU and just importing it into Chief as a Symbol.




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I've done that Barrel Sauna previously in Chief basically the same way Rich did. It's not going to use Chief Walls, Doors & Windows.

Since you know how to use SketchUp, you might want to consider doing it in SU and just importing it into Chief as a Symbol.

I agree. We use SU but never very often, I've become proficient enough with Chief's tools that I usually find it faster to model in Chief, however if you are already proficient with SU and a relative new comer to Chief, as Joe said, just model it in SU and import it as a symbol or just do the whole project in SU.

Don't get me wrong. As the guys above pointed out, its totally doable...just not very automatic and not very efficient if you're new to the program.

That being said, it would probably be an EXCELLENT exercise in learning Chief's various primitive modeling tools if you actually take the time to model it in Chief.

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