X-14 Templates FOR SALE. The best templates I've ever made.

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This helps support my everlasting drive for giving free Chief content. Shoot me an email if you're interested. I promise you it will save you money and will be a pleasant improvement to any workflow. Check out a brief overview here:


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I'm interested. What's the difference between standard and pro? Is there a trial period to check it out before committing? I'd like to compare it with the template I've spent dozens of hours on.

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10 hours ago, Joe_Carrick said:

Hi Rene,

Do you include your toolbars with this?  Are they needed to make the system work?

If I purchase the Standard can I upgrade to the Pro for just the difference of $200?

Thank you for asking! Yes you can upgrade, just would need to send me an email.
It includes my new vs existing toolbar icons with some example new vs existing wall types that are driven by layer colors. This is not necessary but certainly expands the functionality of the template:

Pro includes my window and architectural quick tools with icons:


Backdrops I have collected and converted

Here is the breakdown list @vikiw_bend


Pro Includes:
25 Construction Details, A custom BWP schedule, an Area-Analysis Package, Window Style Quick-Tools with Toolbar Icons, Schedule and Label Quick-Tools with Toolbar Icons, and then two(2) free details drawn to your spec in the style of my CAD details(to be delivered at a later date.)

Notable Features:

  • New vs Existing Wall Types that follow layer color for quick switching graphical preferences

  • No Rich Text is used. All Schedules and Details utilize Text Styles for quick graphical changes

  • Dimension Defaults are dynamic and accurate. We use tab/enter input for fast and accurate repositioning, so our dimension defaults are built with tight tolerances and low reach. Dimension to only the things you need.

  • Interior door casings are removed for quick 3d bumping and tab inputting of all doors and windows

  • Add Molding Quick-Tool can add moldings to all doors and windows with just a click.

  • Redline SPV and Redline Camera for quick client notes in 2d and 3d views

  • Extensive graphical setting changes across all views for the cleanest looking plans

  • 4 Working views for ease of use no matter the type of work

  • The most advanced graphically represented macro system to date

  • Site analysis that’s a breeze

  • Project Information Input that can work for you. Simple and intuitive

  • We cut our custom layers down to the minimum. Giving you only what you need without creating confusion

  • Default Sets, leave them behind. There is only one Master Set, let’s cut the clutter!

  • Existing Plan Layer Set is there for your referenced As Built Plan

  • Window Labels are set to (E). A quick Select Marquee Similar and change to (N) for new plans

  • Window Quick Tools included for one click window style changes

  • Construction Lines are already labeled and in a working set for quick wall reference lines

  • 25 beautifully rendered and automated Construction Details

  • Quick Links to Search Tools from Www.rabbittdesign.net

  • Custom truncated room types for small closets or powder rooms

  • Standardized Schedule sizes with Title and Header Text Styles

Here is a screen shot of some of the details:

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If I could become 25% of your skill with CA, its worth it.  

I'm not focused on rendering as much, but your work flow is where I need to follow.  


I just bought your pro level and I look forward to learning more workflow tweaks as I incorporate your plan template into my business.


Thank you for this.  

I wish you mountains of success.

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I am going to purchase the pro version.

On a separate note, do you have a list of the mouse and space mouse defaults you use?  Can they be downloaded or do we need to set them up ourselves?


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21 hours ago, WesternDesign said:

I am going to purchase the pro version.

On a separate note, do you have a list of the mouse and space mouse defaults you use?  Can they be downloaded or do we need to set them up ourselves?


They can be downloaded but I do charge for them.

otherwise you can simply match them for yourself and rebuild. Takes a couple of hours to do just the chief setup.

Requires an 11 button mouse at least to use my same system.

you can do icons for yourself. But if I do them I have to custom write a script for your folder organization for the icons to show up correctly.

package also comes with a zero inbox gmail radial menu, a Twinmotion radial menus, SketchUp radial menus and explorer radial menus.

i have one person full on the system now and another one next week. 
She was cracking up after using it for a bit 

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5 hours ago, WesternDesign said:

Contact me.  I would like to get on the full "Rene Rabbit" system. :D

Long days and nights trying to get ahead of that request. I've been offered a hefty sum by two separate individuals to sell my entire library and toolbars for complete swaps including all icons and all materials.
Its always been organized enough for me but I hold my sale products to a hire standard. Give me a few weeks and I should start having some listings up. I've spent 3 hours a night cleaning, tagging, adding search attributes, optimizing, and organizing.

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Hi bought the pro version and feel a bit like a kid with a learner's permit getting handed the keys to a McLaren. 


I was going to ask how to change/add the Macro Designations text, but figured out that's it's in the "Macro Input 1" custom field, and then I found a link to the video that shows us how to do exactly that: This is wonderful! 



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On 6/23/2022 at 1:52 PM, steffan said:

Hi, is this also in metric for UK?

I'm still working on the metric version. This is a nice reminder to get it done...it actually turned out to be a ton of work to conform the metric version!

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      Rendering, Automation, Resources, Symbols, Quick Tools, Style Pallets, PDF Tools, Templates, and more.

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