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  1. My chief architect has been crashing and in general being super slow (but only on one computer). I called Chief and they walked me through updating a driver but that caused a fatal error in my computer. My tech guy got me up and running and says there is nothing wrong with my computer and thinks that Cheif is just not talking to my drivers, I am hoping that someone can hop on my computer and look at the settings and see if I have some weird settings. I also have purchased Rene's templates and libraries but am (was) missing a lot of textures and cannot get the toolbars to function properly. My tech guy (in an effort to fix the above problem) uninstalled and reinstalled the software which caused me to also use my user library (and all libraries other than core). My third (or maybe the cause of it all) problem is that I have all my files on a network drive (including libraries and archives) and I just do not know if my file storage method is acceptable. I am not techy, nor do I have the bandwidth to tackle this issue. Thank you in advance to anyone who thinks they can help.
  2. No I do not. Went round and round and finally called Chief. Long story short, my computer has a bad video card.
  3. How are you guys managing the new library? I have saved some of my favorite items and deleted entire catalogs and still it takes forever to find an item. It is really bogging me down. How have you dealt with the new library functionality?
  4. Just purchased this morning and have been making little tweaks here and there as I watch @Renerabbitttutorials. A worthy investment to be sure! Super stoked to have found this thread and excited to implement.
  5. I somehow toggled on something with my cursor and do not know what it does or how to get rid of it. Help! (See photo- but looks like two hills with 3 up arrows next to my regular cursor). Cursor looks weird.docx
  6. I have duplicates on all my Saved Plan Views. I think this happened after I took a Chief Architect Class and imported the class plan. Now that I have time on my hands I am wanting to get rid of the duplicate but cannot figure out how. Help!
  7. I am wondering if there is a way so use Saved Plan View Sets from one plan in another plan without completely redoing my template. Thanks!