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    window labels

    Well, it is a macro, but I m not sure where I got it. I have purchased from Alaskan Son (great stuff) so maybe I got it from him. I have not had the time to learn how to create my own, but it is on my "to-do" list. If inches is okay then use the basic %width%x%height% Also, if the full name takes up too much space then use %type_code% instead of %type_name% for an abbreviated version. I don't know if this is also a purchased macro or if it comes with Chief.
  2. WesternDesign

    window labels

    This is our setup (right or wrong). Same label but different options picked will show up differently.
  3. WesternDesign

    As-built time from measure to permits

    AND because this is still the same flight of stairs, the guard and handrails need to continue to the bottom. The biggest issue is indeed the inconsistency in the rise and run within a single flight of stairs.
  4. WesternDesign

    As-built time from measure to permits

    Will do. Thanks.
  5. WesternDesign

    As-built time from measure to permits

    Would you feel comfortable sharing the submital drawings? I am getting hundreds of hours wrapped up in our CDs. Thanks.
  6. WesternDesign

    Garage floor slope

    We have also used a ceiling plane. Chief really needs to address this.
  7. WesternDesign

    X11 News

    We can hope.
  8. WesternDesign

    Michael's "please post fascia problem example"

    +1 We certainly need more control on ALL of the roof functions. At this point I would settle for a completely manual option such as creating a truss or rafter profile that Chief would use for a selected roof plane or partial plane. I love Chief's auto functions but we also need the option to modify or manually build items since we don't ONLY design boxes.
  9. WesternDesign

    Is there a toggle for center on main wall layer?

    That would be helpful.
  10. WesternDesign

    Is there a toggle for center on main wall layer?

    BIG +1 Similar items have been requested before.
  11. WesternDesign

    Roof Deck Drainage

    We use a similar method as Nick Pocket Deck Details
  12. WesternDesign

    measuring roof overhangs

    We use the Leica DISTO S910 and have never looked back example: https://youtu.be/n9wPoxXUdJE?t=17
  13. WesternDesign

    Header Location

    +1 YES. We need more control over headers and an option for plates above and or below the header.
  14. WesternDesign

    Schedule Symbol Line weights

    Wish we had more control over the schedules.
  15. WesternDesign

    board-and-batten-siding texture?

    Thanks Joe. I will give it a try.
  16. WesternDesign

    board-and-batten-siding texture?

    +1 If we had a tool (similar to the corner board tool), it would be great. We need control over the batten sizes and spacing as we do many variations. We also do a great deal of board on board which could be faked by adjusting the batten size and spacing again. (And like the framing, if we adjust the start location or want to move a single item, it would stick) If I were to ask for the moon, then both the boards and battens could be added instead of placing two layers of sheeting then battens. This would also be very helpful for material take-offs.
  17. WesternDesign

    R602.7.5 Supports for Headers

    Good reference It is important to note that this is for the minimum required by code stud size & spacing, not what you are actually using. If the code allows you to use 24" o.c. then you use that column for the # of trimmers, even if you are using 16" o.c.
  18. WesternDesign

    Fire Break Wall Between Existing Home and New ADU

    This may help https://codes.iccsafe.org/public/public/chapter/content/10133/ scroll down to pg 12 for the start of the details. It is not a cad file, but maybe it will get you on your way.
  19. WesternDesign

    Custom Wall Labels & LEGEND

    +1 We need this.
  20. WesternDesign

    Electrical Panel Location ?

    At least here, it is good to know that the 30" wide space need not be centered on the panel, but the the panel must be within the 30".
  21. WesternDesign

    As built walls vs. new walls

    Our method is very similar to the video. The way we do as builts is... Draw the as built plan using all "Existing" wall types (change the fill on these to show as existing) which are just a copy of our new wall types. -- Take your time and set up everything you can now (example: we open every window, door cabinet etc and modify it's label as (E) then the appropriate macro and also turn off "show in schedule") Side note: Our builders like having door and window schedules but don't love having to flip to it every time they need to see the size and type of unit it is so we use the following for our window label, as an example (E) %schedule_number% %egress_name% %WxH in Feet% %type_name% %tempered_name% Nothing will print if the window is not Egress or Tempered. So far the builders like this. Make sure you have everything done before moving on and you will save many steps later. Follow the instructions in the video for making an as built cad block, making everything in our block show as "DEMO" dashed lines. (We do not use this as our existing plan, but I guess you could.) Save this entire file as job number- "As-Built" Then "save as" job number "Remodel"-version__ Note: We never work again in the As Built drawings, but we can and do send them to layout. Because we want to protect this file, we go back and lock every layer making sure we select "Modify All Layer Sets". (we also make a backup of this master file) The next thing we do (in the Remodel file) is to change our defaults to use the regular wall types instead of the exiting wall types. Now we put the as built DEMO cad block on the drawing in the back group and lock the layer (so it doesn't select every time we click on something). We often move all the existing items to existing layers that can be locked and we can turn off the materials if we want material lists. (mostly on larger remodels) Result: Any new wall shows up as new. Any existing wall shows up as existing. If you remove any existing wall, then the DEMO shows through. if we need to modify something existing, such as a door or a window then we can change just that item's label & style without trying to fix it in a cad block. (Example: to replace an existing door with a new one having the same rough opening but a different look and maybe a different swing direction) Anyway, that is basically how we have been doing remodels.
  22. WesternDesign

    Plan Views - do you use daily?

    I was surprised with Dan's comment as well. It is one of my favorite features in X10 and one of the most used features for me. I may be doing it wrong but I made additional "working" plan views so I wouldn't mess up the plan views I use to send to layout. (Tied to "working" layer sets). I only do this for the views I am in and out of all the time while "designing". I don't seem to have the same problem as we near the end of the CD's. As you know, I am still fairly new to Chief so this may not be the best approach. Always open to suggestions.
  23. WesternDesign

    4K TV VS Monitor

    I just started using a 3rd monitor. love it. Over all the full width as shown is 5'-6" but it feels fine. (2) 27" and one 34" 4k ultra-wide curved monitor - all Samsung Shown on my motorized drafting table (works for sit-stand), so I guess I can say that I am still drawing on the board.
  24. WesternDesign

    CA Design Build Firm Pro's

    Never compete on price!